Status of this Site

This site is lo longer actively maintained. We invested a whole lot of time in it, but we have moved on to other projects. Don't expect any updates. Note that some parts of this site are dead, most of them on purpose.

Since this site is still very useful to many people we offer it as it is. Although it uses several Gigs of traffic each month, it stays alive. But don't expect our information to be up-to-date anymore.

In fact, the whole RoIO scene has moved on to other places. RoIO-CD/LPs aren't that important anymore when P2P networks are beginning to distribute even the "rarest" stuff which was previously unavailable. Use the database as a reference to see what else there is to find and to identify mislabelled stuff.

Purpose of this Site

There are many albums which are labelled "live", "import", "containing unreleased material", "collectors item", "non-official record" or "rare recording". Many people also prefer to call them bootlegs. We avoid this word and use the term

RoIO = Record of Illegitimate/Indeterminate Origin.

The Pink Floyd RoIO Database gives potential buyers hints on what to avoid and what to seach for. It is maintained by a group of people and contains information contributed by numerous fans.These pages are not meant as an advertisement.

We don't sell RoIOs !

We are also not connected in any way with people making or selling RoIOs.

History of this Site

The Pink Floyd RoIO Database was started in December 1991 and saw the light as a website on 17 May 1994. It is the oldest existing Pink Floyd related website.

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