Why no real tapes section?

Making and maintaining a section with information about tapes seems impossible to us. We don't even try to begin. Tapes are inherently difficult to identify, they are often mislabeled and roumored to be of even more obscure dates and locations than CDs or LPs. Sound quality depends on generation, used dubbing techniques, storing, tape type, recorder type, noise reduction used and so on. Tapes are "floating" around and no one knows what is available in which quality. There are no RoIO-tape manufacturers. Tapes are home-grown and therefore unique. It makes no sense to maintain information about unique recordings, does it?

The RoIO database may be used as a reference about what exists on CD and LP and generally what sound quality to expect. However, there are many concert recordings only available in tape trader circles. As a matter of fact, some true gems are circulating which you luckily might get.

Where else should I look?

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