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Format: 2CD
Catalog: BM 044/2 Beech Martin Records
Misc.: Audience recording, S.I.A.E
Produced: Made In Italy, (P) 9/1991
Date: 690917
Cover: Picture of the moon where a drawed hand guids a white light beam into one side, and there is a light spectrum coming out on the other side (like DSotM cover). PINK FLOYD on top, and 8th RD from the moon on the bottom. Four page booklet, with same same graphics as front and backcover, and a picture of PF at stage in 77.
Sources: 1969- 1977 Recorded Live In Various Locations From 1969 to 1977 Disc 1, track 1-7: Recorded Live at "Concertgebouw" September 17, 1969 Amsterdam Disc 1, track 8-13 and Disc 2, track 1-4: Recorded Live at "Rainbow Theatre" London 1972 Disc 2, track 5-9: Recorded Live at "Madison Square Garden" July 22, 1977 New York The date on the second one is February 17th or 20th, 1972* The correct date on the last one is July 2, 1977)*
Hires-coverscans: 8th_rd_from_the_moon.back.1.jpg
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      Disc 1:
      1.  Grantchester Meadows                         7:38
      2.  Biding My Time                               5:22
      3.  The Grand Vizier's Garden Party              1:52
      4.  Cymbaline                                   12:48
      5.  Green Is The Colour                          6:33
      6.  Careful With That Axe, Eugene                6:15
      7.  The Narrow Way / Part 3                      5:07
      8.  Speak To Me / Breathe                        2:55
      9.  On The Run                                   6:10
      10. Time                                         6:33
      11. Breathe (Reprise)                            1:53   1:07*
      12. The Great Gig In The Sky                     4:23
      13. Money                                        7:52
                                          Total time  74:06*
      Disc 2:
      1.  Us And Them                                  2:18
      2.  Any Colour You Like                          4:37
      3.  Brain Damage                                 3:52
      4.  Eclipse                                      1:49   1:19*
      5.  Shine On You Crazy Diamond 1/5              13:44
      6.  Welcome To The Machine                       8:28
      7.  Have A Cigar                                 6:10
      8.  Wish You Were Here                           6:23
      9.  Shine On You Crazy Diamond                  18:57
                                          Total time  66:14*

      Roger Waters   Bass/Vocals
      David Gilmour  Guitars/Vocals
      Rick Wright    Keyboards/Vocals
      Nick Mason     Drums

Xref: Disc 1, track 1-7: Amsterdam '69, Landscape, The Last Gadgets Of Oxyminus, The Man & The Journey. Disc 1, track 8-13 & - Disc 2, track 1-4: Best Of Tour '72, Dark Side Of The Sky, Live Side Of The Moon Disc 2, track 5-9: Welcome To The Machine, Caught In The Crossfire, Live USA, New York Live 1977
  • Ex -MISC
  • Ex/VG+ -TOR
Comments: I would highly recommend this boot to all of you. It is interesting in going from 1969 to 1977 and the overall quality is really good. It is one worth having in your collection. -MISC

This is a collection of three other roio's; A69, BoT72 and WTtM (see Xref). It sounds like this one is copyied from those three mentioned (from The Swingin' Pig label) as they have no tape hiss at all. Only drawback is that the high notes are slightly wobbeling from time to time, thus making it a little less good than the ones from TSP. But then, it was close to half the price asked for the three seperate ones. Timing on cover is slightly incorrect, but it's only a couple of seconds +/-, except for those noted in track list. Set 1: Has some tracks that not often shows up on roio's, like 'Biding My Time' (PF doing Jazz) which is a great tune. A lot of very nice improvisations between the songs. Gilmour's voice isn't at the best during this show, which is very evident on 'The Narrow Way' where he is completly out of tune and can't reach the high notes. Set 2: A great 'early' performance of DSotM. It have's the 'On The Run' jam, 'Time' is the slow version and TGGItS has the preachers tapes. 'Time' and 'Us And Them' is cut down, and Eclipse is faded out a little early. Set 3: Again a great performance, from 2 July 77 in New York. Rick Wrigth does a fantastic job on this show, he has some very good synth and piano solos at respectively WTtM and WYWH. -TOR

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