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Format: 2CD
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Date: 840608
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Sources: 08 Jun 1984, Chicago USA
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      Disc 1:
      1. Montreal Radio Review
      2. Until We Sleep/All Lovers Are Deranged
      3. Love on the Air
      4. Mihalis
      5. Cruise
      6. Short and Sweet
      7. Money
      8. Out of the Blue
      9. Let's Get Metaphysical

      Disc 2:
      1. You Know I'm Right
      2. Run Like Hell
      3. Blue Light
      4. Band Introduction
      5. Murder
      6. Near the End
      7. Comfortably Numb

      David Gilmour et al.

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Comments: A good performance. The speed of the recording is a little high, but that's not too anoying -PATRICK

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