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Format: CD
Catalog: NDSCD 001 New Directions
Misc.:<no info>
Produced: Made in EEC
Date: 94
Cover: Front: Strange surreal landscape with a red mountain range in the background whose tallest peak forms a nose and open mouth. Huge female torsos in the nude, with 'heads' consisting of satellite dishes, tower over a blue walkway below in the foreground. 'Pink Floyd' appears in light pink at the top with the CD's title written just below it in small white text. At the bottom is written 'The Ultimate Remix Collection'. Back: A drawing of the statues at Karnak (I think!?!) under a reddish sky with the tracks and times listed above. Booklet: A double-page spread of what looks to be a desert terrain shot from the air. A triangle in the center contains the words 'Pink Floyd'. Photo is in b&w. The picture on the rear of the booklet is the same as the back of the jewel case. Disc: A b&w drawing of a pyramid with an open eye near the apex. A bright glow appears to eminate from the eye. Under the area where the disc rests is the same picture but with a Sphinx's face peeking out from where the transparent center of the disc would rest. 'GEMA' is written on the disk.
Sources: 1970-1979, 199? Remix (1) 1970, ROLO Meddle (2) 1977, ROLO Animals (3) 1979, ROLO The Wall (4) 1975, ROLO Wish You Were Here (5) 1973, ROLO Dark Side of the Moon; 1979, ROLO The Wall
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      1. Echoes {Deep Sea Mix}                      9:32
      2. Sheep {Grazing Mix}                       13:04
      3. Another Brick In The Wall {Cement Mix}    16:26
      4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond {Madman Mix}   12:17
      5. Time {Minute Mix}                         12:49
         Total:                                    64:31
      Roger Waters 
      David Gilmour
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      The Stringman

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  • Sup -DSJ
Comments: Packaging claims mixes are unique to this disc and are not duplicated on any other Floyd remix CD.

The majority of this CD has synths and keyboards in the fore while sampling from the original songs appear mostly in the background. It has a strange psychedelic feel to it with eerie repetitive lyrics and multiple sample overlays but the synths do become repetitive at times. I'd recommend buying it if it isn't too expensive and if you don't find the whole idea of tampering with these songs blasphemous in the first place. -DSJ

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