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Format: CD
Catalog: RVCD 209
Misc: The Rockview Interviews - the disc that speaks for itself
Produced: 1996
Date: 87?
Cover: Booklet: The front cover is a MLOR shot of Dave on stage. The back of the booklet has a much closer shot of Dave playing One Of These Days as well as a short general description of the Rockview Interview series, to which this disk belongs. The booklet unfolds (3 blocks by 2). One complete surface is the "mini-poster" of the front cover. The remaining 4 panels contain pictures of 4 individuals wearing black shirts with "crossed hammers" logos. However, I must admit that I don't recognize any of these people! (Possibly they're the Surogate Band ??? Help me out here.) There's also a nice, brief, history of PF centering, oddly, on Syd's Floyd. On the final panel is the line "At the time of this interview Floyd without Waters seemed unthinkable". The disk is a picture disk. It's another Gilmour/MLOR shot. Dave's face is cut in half by the inner ring, though. Making it a picture disk was a nice idea, but having Dave's face split just makes it look stupid.
Sources: 1986?
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       1. There's a single 20 minute interview track  20:25   

      Roger Waters 

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Comments: Contents: The interviewer is Crazy Chris Tetley. The person being interviewed is Roger Waters. He's promoting Radio KAOS. The interview is cut off in mid sentence!!!

General Ranting: This has to be one of the most glaring examples of shoddy craftsmanship that I've ever seen. Oh, I've seen some pretty shoddy products in my time, but this piece of filth really takes the prize. Firstly of all, why have a front cover AND back cover showing Gilmour when he's not on the disk ? In fact, Roger takes a shot or two at Gilmour! Why have a history of the band which focuses on "Sid's" Floyd and completely ignores MLOR and Radio KAOS ? (a little background info might've been nice for the more casual fan.) What's the deal with the 4 nice folks in Hammer Shirts ? THEY'RE NOT EVEN IN THE F*CKING BAND!!!!!!! In fact, I'm wondering why any of the packaging has ANYTHING to do with Pink Floyd. It should be called "Roger Waters - Another Brick Another Wall".

On the "plus" side, the actual interview itself is pretty good. Roger is in a pretty good mood and Crazy Chris' questions aren't moronic. I just wish the COMPLETE interview were present.... Oh! And, you get a free guitar pick with the CD. - SCOTT

A full trnascriptof this interview appears in Echoes digest v5n733. - THE HEDONIST

It has nothing to do with Floyd. It features an interview (around 1987 ?) by Chris Tetley with Roger Waters.

Roger talks about the story of Radio KAOS and his break with Gilmour-Mason-Wright. -INGO

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