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Format: CD
Catalog: P 910063
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Produced:<no info>
Date: 70
Cover: front: Picture of band in purple light with circular ring-of-lights backdrop. back: two smaller pix of band, one upper LHS of Gilmour with ring of lights. Other pix lower RHS showing mirror ball deploying. inside: RHS B&W pix of Gilmour, Mason & Wright. LHS words
Sources: 1970- 1990 All songs performed by PINK FLOYD/ROGER WATERS+BAND Recorded in Canada and USA between 1970 and 1990. No other info given.
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       1. Another Brick In The Wall             10:06
       2. Pigs                                   3:57
       3. The Great Gig In The Sky               4:44
       4. Wish You Were Here                     4:32
       5. Money                                  9:48
       6. Atom Heart Mother                     16:45
       7. If                                     3:45
       8. Run Like Hell                          5:58
       9. A Saucerful of Secrets                 6:36
      10. The Final Cut                          2:58
          Total Time:                           69:13

      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

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  • EX+
  • Poor, dim sound, worse than from AM-radio recordings -OZZY
Comments: No label name or address or other info besides title & #

Appears to be best of live compilation. Have not correlated songs with other roios for venue ID. -ANON

Definitely for post-Floyd years fans, as 8 of 10 songs comes from 80s and 90s.

ABITW, PIGS, WYWH, IF, FINAL CUT - songs played by Waters' band in new arangement (definitely not a Floyd sound) on his solo tour. Waters contributed only as a singer (and song-writer, ofcourse).

TGGITS, MONEY, RUN LIKE HELL - played by "new" Pink Floyd on their 1988 tour. Gilmour contributed as an excelent guitar player, other instrumants was played by that musicians he hired (their names see cover of the Delicate Sound of Thunder). Wright and Mason contributed mostly as an "actors" on the stage. All 3 songs are very very similar to them from the Delicate Sound... (except the sound quality).

ATOM HEART MOTHER, SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS - played by real Pink Floyd in 1970. The sound qauality is exceptionaly bad, but both songs are worth to buy - although ATOM H.M. is recorded without that great brass stuff. - OZZY

The quality of this RoIO ranges from good to excellent depending on the song. "Another Brick In The Wall", "Pigs" (short version), "Wish You Were Here", "If", and "The Final Cut" (mislabeled - should be " ") were recorded during Roger's 1987 Radio KAOS tour and are of exceptional quality. "The Great Gig In The Sky", "Money", and "Run Like Hell" were likely recorded during the MLoR tour in 1987-88 and are of excellent quality as well. Although the quality is not up to par, the version of "Atom Heart Mother", a classic without the orchestral arrangement, and "Saucerful of Secrets" are worthy of any Floydian's collection. All in all a fairly good collection of music, although not representative of the band s classic early works, such as "Echoes" and "Astronomy Domine". - ABDABS

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