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Format: CD
Catalog: CD 9013 Alegra
Misc.: SIAE
Produced: (P) 1995 by Sarabandas srl
Date: 690512
Cover: Front: Head and shoulders photo of Roger Waters.
Sources: 12 May 1969- 1971 1, 4 - 16 July 1970, BBC Paris Theatre, London 2 - 30 September 1971, BBC Paris Theatre, London 3 - 17 October 1971, Golden Hall, San Diego 5 - 12 May 1969, BBC Night Ride
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       1. Atom Heart Mother               24:35
       2. One of These Days                6:29
       3. Fat Old Sun                     14:48
       4. The Embryo                       9:53
       5. Green Is The Colour              6:02
          Total:                          60:01

      Roger Waters
      Rick Wright
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

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  • Ex/Ex+ -ANON
Comments: The cover misattributes track 2 to 1970. - ANON

Nicely done. A bit thin, but otherwise very good with very little hiss and almost no audience noise. Going in order:

Atom Heart Mother: Nicely done, but not all that special.

One Of These Days: Very good. My brother prefers this version to the Meddle version. Excellent performance, but the keyboards are a bit forward. It sounds as if the recorder was near one speaker stack because the 'One of these days...' part is VERY hard to hear. After the music ends, the voice says (much clearer) the 'One of these days...' part again, and only when it is finished does the audience begin applauding.

Fat Old Sun: My favorite. Superb. Great quality, great performance (as the time shows, it's extended). The cookie is worth it for this.

The Embryo: Very good version. Great SQ. You can hear the astonished audience during the 'Laughing baby' part.

Green is the Colour: Very good, but, like the first track, not all too inspired.

Overall, this disc is excellent. I recommend it to all. -ANON

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