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Format: 6CD
Catalog: Front Row Center
Misc.:<no info>
Produced:<no info>
Date: 750408
Matrix: Disc 1: MG3362 Front Row Center P1 103379 IFPI LBGI
Disc 2: MG3363 Front Row Center P2 103381 IFPI LBGI
Disc 3: MG3364 Front Row Center P3 103391 IFPI LBGI
Disc 4: MG3365 Front Row Center P4 103388 IFPI LBGI
Disc 5: MG3366 Front Row Center P5 103380 IFPI LBGI
Disc 6: MG3367 Front Row Center P6 103439 IFPI LBGI
Cover: Individual disks stored together in black cardboard wallet which carries tracklist and source info. Also includes a 64-page illustrated book which tells the story of the WYWH, Animals and Wall albums, their genesis and the associated tours. The book and CD package are contained in a pink bubble-wrap pouch whose flap is sealed with a pink sticker bearing the legend: PINK FLOYD AZIMUTH COORDINATOR 1975-1980 The cover of the booklet consists of a pastiche of graphical motifs from the WYWH, Animals, and Wall albums, including a long and winding wall. At one point on this wall, written in indistinct script, are the words: "Syd was not here." ;-)
Sources: 08 Apr 1975, 6Jul77, 7Feb80 CD1-2: 8 Apr 75; PNE Exhibition Park, Vancouver, BC CD3-4: 6 Jul 77; Olympic Stadium, Montreal, Quebec CD5-6: 7 Feb 80; Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California
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      Disc:  1
       1. Raving and Drooling                                 13:39 
       2. You've Gotta Be Crazy                               13:23 
       3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond I-V                      12:44 
       4. Have a Cigar                                         5:08 
       5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond VI-IX [faded out]        13:38 
       6. Speak To Me                                          5:32 
       7. Breathe                                              3:06 
       8. On the Run [mis-cued]                                4:17 
          Total Time:                                         71:29 

      Disc:  2
       1. Time                                                 5:11 
       2. Breathe (reprise)                                    1:03 
       3. The Great Gig In the Sky                             6:45 
       4. Money                                                7:57 
       5. Us and Them                                          7:30 
       6. Any Colour You Like                                  9:46 
       7. Brain Damage/Eclipse                                 6:12 
       8. Echoes                                              23:53 
          Total Time:                                         68:20 

      Disc:  3
       1. Sheep                                               12:15 
       2. Pigs On the Wing I                                   2:15 
       3. Dogs                                                18:16 
       4. Pigs On the Wing II                                  4:05 
       5. Pigs (Three Different Ones)                         20:01 
       6. Shine On You Crazy Diamond I-V                      14:11 
          Total Time:                                         71:06 

      Disc:  4
       1. Welcome to the Machine                               8:16 
       2. Have a Cigar                                         6:15 
       3. Wish You Were Here                                   6:41 
       4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond VI-IX                    24:06 
       5. Money                                               11:44 
       6. Us and Them                                         10:04 
          Total Time:                                         67:09 

      Disc:  5
       1. Intro                                                1:08 
       2. In the Flesh?                                        3:28 
       3. The Thin Ice                                         3:27 
       4. Another Brick In the Wall I                          4:03 
       5. The Happiest Days of Our Lives                       1:47 
       6. Another Brick In the Wall II                         6:19 
       7. Mother                                               7:49 
       8. Goodbye Blue Sky                                     3:22 
       9. Empty Spaces                                         7:54 
      10. Young Lust                                           5:22 
      11. One of My Turns                                      3:51 
      12. Don't Leave Me Now                                   4:02 
      13. Another Brick In the Wall III                       12:38 
      14. Goodbye Cruel World [mis-cued]                       2:29 
          Total Time:                                         67:48 

      Disc:  6
       1. Hey You                                              5:16 
       2. Is There Anybody Out There?                          2:54 
       3. Nobody Home                                          3:33 
       4. Vera                                                 1:14 
       5. Bring the Boys Back Home                             1:28 
       6. Comfortably Numb                                     7:25 
       7. The Show Must Go On                                  2:47 
       8. Isn't This Where We Came In? (announcement)          2:37 
       9. In the Flesh                                         5:23 
      10. Run Like Hell                                        6:50 
      11. Waiting For the Worms                                4:32 
      12. Stop                                                 0:31 
      13. The Trial                                            7:39 
      14. Outside the Wall                                     3:22 
      15. Drift Away-Blues                                    12:10 
          Total Time:                                         67:43 

      Roger Waters 
      Nick Mason 
      David Gilmour 
      Rick Wright 

Comments: For a huge number of comments, see the 'original' entry.

I believe my disc's were produced by someone else. Each disc says Front Row Center, Not For Sale. Show # (P1-P6) For Radio Play Only. "This broadcast is for one time use by stations cleared by FRC on the designated date and time prearranged in writing. This disc is the property of FRC and must be returned after use." My box set was not numbered. Excellent book, cheap box.

All disc's have "IFPI LBGI" and a bar code.

Overall I would have to give it a VG. At times it pushes a VG+. The problem I have is the hiss, especially with the 1975 show. I think the stereo separation could have been better with the 1975 show. The hiss seems to be reduced with each show. Excellent Echoes for 1975. (I'm still looking for the definitive 75 show.) The 1977 show is good, but the crowd is really wild and rude. They piss Roger off during POTW and US and Them. More crowd noise for the 1977 show. The Wall show was actually better than I heard on a previous time. Originally I thought it was as bad as the rehearsals, but it is much better than that (Still not as good as Behind the Wall). These shows reflect a great period for Floyd, too bad I didn't catch them live. Unfortunately, I would have preferred less hiss! for this era. I can't complain though, I traded for the set. For me it was worth it. - JZ

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