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Format: 3CD
Catalog: STBX 022/23/24
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Produced:<no info>
Date: 800228
Cover:<no info>
Sources: 28 Feb 1980, Nassau Colisseum. 01 Feb 1980, Paramount Studios, LA (Wall Rehersals). Waters in Seville November 18, 1991
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      CD1 (Nassau Coliseum, feb 28, 1980)
      CD2 (Nassau Coliseum, feb 28, 1980)
           Rest of the Wall
      CD2 (Rehearsals at Paramount Studios, LA, Cal, USA, Feb 1, 1980)
          The Thin Ice/Another..(1)/The Happiest../Another..(2)/Mother/
          Goodbye Blue Sky/What../Young Lust
      CD3 (Rehearsals at Paramount Studios, LA, Cal, USA, Feb 1, 1980)
          One Of My Turns/Don't../Goobye Cruel World/Hey You/Is There../
          Nobody Home/Vera/Bring The../Comfortably Numb/The Show..
      CD3 Verder (Sevilla, Nov 18, 1991)
          The Happiest../Another..(2)/What God Wants 1

      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

      Snowy White (guitar)
      Andy Bown (bass)
      Peter Wood (keyboards)
      Willie Wilson (drums)

  • EX+
  • Ex/VG -PELLE
Comments: What God Wants 1 is mislabelled as Comfortably Numb.

It comes in a long box with a 24 page color book with lots of pictures from the Wall concert. Each disc is a picture disc. The Nassau concert is EX+ quality, the best that I have heard (100 times better that the Golden Stars Discs.) It could have been an actual release, an DG is really getting into his solos. -ECHOES

A good set overall. But there is a lot of hiss during the rehearsal sections (what did you expect? It was probably someone who smuggled in a Walkman :-) Packaging is excellent! -ECHOES

It should be noted that the same source tape has also surfaced on a 2CD set entitled "Wallpower" which, although significantly less exotically priced and packaged and with a less "mixed" feel, suffers from slight digital distortion problems. Cleaning up of the source tape during mastering...has taken place and the result is a duller but more uniform sound... - WHY A PIG?

Very well packaged. Sound is ok, claims to be the best wall-performance out there. -HERWIG

I like this box-set only for the NYC concert, an excellent reissue of the famous The Wall show, much better than LP release. I think the rehersals have too poor quality and little interest, boring in the long run. The last Sevilla song is wrong: not 'Comfortably Numb' but an ugly one from 'Amused to Death' (I do not know the exact title). I recommend it only to die-hard ROIO collectors. -PELLE

This is an expensive 3CD set, with the complete show from the Nassau Coliseum (Feb 28th 1980), four songs from Roger Waters in Seville 1991 and the Wall Rehearsals. This could have been a great value, except for the rehearsals . Listen to them twice and you have enough. Lot of deep hiss, Mr. Waters out of tune and Mr. Gilmour forgetting the lyrics as never before. "Dave, why did you Stop? -No, I didn't stop, it was Nick". The Seville stuff is good (What God Wants is mislabelled as Comfortably Numb). The show from Nassau is a must have, however, better buy it from a cheaper 2CD source. - FERNANDO

Excellent sound quality, at least equal to Brick By Brick. I am not sure if the source is the same. Excellent packaging. I don't care for the rehearsal portion, poor sound quality. Really only worth listening once or twice. This set seems to be available. I also question the date of the show, the LP database indicated a technical problem on Feb 26, with "call the schoolmaster" missing (The Trial). It is missing on Behind the Wall. - JZ

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