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Format: 2CD
Catalog: KTS 339/40 KISS THE STONE
Misc.: Audience, excellent stereo, slim double jewel case.
Produced: DDD
Date: 940611
Cover: Picture discs - close-up of one pig.
Sources: 11 Jun 1994, live at Yankee Stadium in New York. Bonus track Eclipse from NJ 18 Jul 1994.
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      Disc 1: 
       1. Astronomy Domine                   4:26
       2. Learning To Fly                    5:47
       3. What Do You Want From Me           4:11
       4. On The Turning Away                7:03
       5. Take It Back                       6:00
       6. Coming Back To Life                6:51
       7. Sorrow                            10:50
       8. Keep Talking                       7:39
       9. One Of These Days                  7:15
      10. Shine On You Crazy Diamond        11:53
      11. Breathe                            3:02
          Total:                            75:04

      Disc 2:
       1. Time                               6:54
       2. High Hopes                         7:52
       3. Great Gig In The Sky               5:15
       4. Wish You Were Here                 6:22
       5. Us And Them                        6:12
       6. Money                              9:09
       7. Another Brick In The Wall          8:07
       8. Comfortably Numb                  10:40
       9. Hey You                            4:56
      10. Run Like Hell                      7:54
      11. [Brain Damage] / Eclipse*          5:34
          Total:                            79:03

      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

  • Ex -HERWIG
  • 10 -ECHOES
  • Ex -PELLE
Comments: "The Bell Gets Louder" is the hottest performance by the boys, rates a flat out 10 on the "inspiration & improvisation" factor. Excellent digital fidelity (DDD) and stereo separation; I give it a 10 here too. Almost no close audience noise throughout, except for one instance early on when some fool yells "m*therf*cker" as loud as he can, in breathtaking full digital stereo fidelity, so this one's not for your sainted mother's Christmas present. No noticable ROIO flaws of the usual types. Packaging is on the simple side, but very good; nice picture discs of the pigs. The standard show (no Dark Side of the Moon set). I think it's New York Yankee Stadium on June 11(?), 1994. This one's worth finding at all costs; make this a Blues-Brothers-style "mission from God". -ECHOES

I disagree with this comment. True, this is a remarkably clean recording although it has some minor flaws. Very few audience, in fact only between songs. BUT the stereo perspective is bad and the bass a little bit too thin! The whole recording has a "hollow" effect as if listening through a pipe. I usually don't like this sort of sound where there is no real "live" feeling. Call me crazy, I like "The Live Bell" more. In fact, I like the bonus track (Brain Damage / Eclipse) better just because of the great stereo. Admittedly, it has more hissing and one especially nerving guy singing along some verses. No, there _must_ be better records around from this tour, still no "Sup" rating from me ... Strange enough, the sound sometimes gets incredibly good when the taper seems to turn his head! "Brain Damage" is missing on the cover but also included as a bonus track.

(There is also some sort of "hidden message" behind LtF 8^): "What are you doing?" - "I'm taping it ..." - "Can I have a copy?" -HERWIG

I'll second Herwig's comment. In fact, far from having 'excellent stereo separation' I felt this CD sounded mono! - THE HEDONIST

There's a great deal of disagreement about whether or not this is the "best roio of '94"

The pro group cites the complete lack of hiss, the stellar performace (they were cookin'), and (some people) excellent stereo sound and dynamic range. From the sound of it, this is definitely a DDD recording.

Additionally, there is very little to no crowd noise during the songs, definitely a hard thing to get in an audience recording.

The con group says (1) the bass is too thin (2) the sound is hollow and not very close and (3) the recording sounds very mono-ish.

I've listened to this recording quite a few times, and this is my take on it:

The show is defnintely hot stuff, the band was celarly having a good night. The sound is stunningly clear, no annoying destortion or feedback, very little crowd noise (except for the M*therF----er guy). The drums come through nicely, especially nick's toms.

This recording is not perfect, however. The bass does sound thin on the first few songs (like AD), but on others is very close (ABITW). The keyboards are faint at times, and the lead instruments often sound way too close. Some of the songs sound distant, and occassionly it sounds like Dave is singing through a pipe. Sometimes things sound mono, but it's clearly a stereo recording, as you can hear things in different channels, and the audience noise between songs is clearly in stereo.

I think I know what's going on, though. The taper is sitting right in front of the rear quad stack, rather than in the center where the perspective would be better. So, any instruments mixed to the back are really close, while the others sound distant and hollow. The stereo is often thin because the person was so much closer to just one set of amps, while the others were on the other side of the stadium.

For example, listen to the intro to 'Money' on this cd. One part of the cash register sequence sounds like it's right behind you, while the other three sound like they're in the next state.

This is what was done on the recording for _In the Flesh_ (Oakland, 5/9/77). The taper merely held the mic near the PA to get a clear recording and avoid lots of 'ambient noise'. You can hear what I mean on this cd too, particuarly when rick's synth solos fade from one stack to another. (try Dogs, SOYCD, etc.)

Having said all this both pro and con about the cd, I must say this surpasses all the other roios I have. Mind you, the rest of my roios are from the seventies and sixties, before the days of DAT, not to mention that the sound quality at the shows has no doubt improved. -ANON

I do not think this is the best quality ROIO concert (Modena 1994 is better!!), but for sure this is an incredible performance, Pink Floyd in a peak form, so every song is thrilling. Hunt it if you want a jewel in your collection. -PELLE

The recording is clearly stereo (audience sounds in different channels), but the music is mostly mono. Great performance. Highly recommended. - FERNANDO

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