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Format: CD
Catalog: PF 020894 - Matrix #'s 020894-A and 020894-B
Misc.:<no info>
Produced: 1994
Date: 940802
Cover: Booklet: Front: "PINK FLOYD" (yellow, kinda like '67 font), with a picture of the world in between. Two rocks below that (small gap in bweteen), with pigs facing each other on top of them. The pigs seems to be howling towards the world seen above them. Below the gap in the rocks is "Belle de Cologne". (pink) This whole picture is superimposed on top of a picture of the sky with lots of clouds at the bottom, all clear blue above that. Some mountains visible at the bottom, breaking through the clouds. Back: Picture of Rick, Dave (with white/black guitar) and Nick. Looks like the 87-89 era, Dave with long hair. Ricks hair is also much darker than now. Inside: Totally blank. Back: Inside (ie. under disc two) a picture of the new stage, mostly yellow and black colors. Equipment is all blue. Visible is the whole touring band, except for Dick Parry. Back: Blue background. Band (yellow) and title (pink) on top, large font. In two columns, in yellow are "PART 1:" and "PART 2:" with tracknumber, title and length. At the bottom, in the middle, is the TDB-'icon' (black/pink) and "PF 020894",. Below that (in black) is "Recorded Live At Mu"ngersdorfer Stadion, Cologne, Germany - August,8th,1994" and "Except Part 2, Track 10 From MTV's Pink Floyd Weekend." Sides: Band, title and calalog number in yellow, pink and black respectively. CDs: CD1: Red background, large black TDB 'icon', "Part 1" on center top. CD logo on the left, GEMA (in box) center bottom. Matrix number: 020894-A CD2: Yellow background, large black TDB 'icon', "Part 2" on center top. CD logo on right (partly visible), GEMA (in box) center bottom. Matrix number: 020894-B
Sources: 02 Aug 1994, Mungersdorger Stadion (Cologne, Germany) Disc says 08 Aug 1994.
Hires-coverscans: belle_de_cologne.back.1.jpg
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      Disc 1:
       1. Astronomy Domine           4:30
       2. Learning to Fly            5:39
       3. What Do You Want From Me   4:44
       4. Take it Back               5:34
       5. A Great Day for Freedom    5:39
       6. Sorrow                    10:42
       7. Keep Talking               7:06
       8. One of These Days          7:16
       9. Shine On... (I-V)         11:40
      10. Breathe                    2:37
      11. Time/Breathe Reprise       6:56
          Total:                    72:23

      Disc 2:
       1. High Hopes                 8:00
       2. The Great Gig in the Sky   5:23
       3. Wish You Were Here         5:36
       4. Us and Them                6:20
       5. Money                      9:08
       6. Another Brick... (II)      7:30
       7. Comfortably Numb          10:22
       8. Hey You                    5:40
       9. Run Like Hell              8:50
      10. Keep Talking               5:28
          Total:                    72:17

      Rick, Nick & Dave, along with all the usual 1994 blokes.

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  • EX- -ECM
  • Ex- -PIET
Comments: All times as listed on packaging. Keep Talking is a bonus from MTV Special.

Overall, the sound quality is quite good. You will, however, probably feel the need to boost the low end a little. Also, there were a few fades between songs, none of which affect the songs. There is one digital tick about 7 or 8 seconds into High Hopes that sounds like a CD skip, but isn't.

I would rate this show in the top quarter of the concerts that I have heard from this tour. (I was at 5 and have about 10 DATs from this tour.)

Those Germans are clap-happy! Synchronized clapping backs many songs, and adds a real feel to being there. The crowd is quite enthusiastic, and it's very easy to get worked up while listening to the CDs. All the fun of being there without the drunk slob next to you puking on your shiny new $15 tour program and the idiots in front of you standing, blocking your sight, when EVERYONE can see PERFECTLY while seated! -ECM

CD indicates it is from 8th August 1994, but it really is from the 2nd of August 1994 (that's when they played in Koeln). The matrix numbers already reflect this, the cover is just in error !

Time includes "Breathe (Reprise)", but this is not listed in the tracklists.

"A Great Day For Freedom" has lots of 'echoes' of Daves voices in the stanzas. Girls very much present during guitar solo ('oohing').

Good highs and lows. Between HH and GGITS (cd 1, tr. 1-2) is a cut. All three girls give a reasonably good performance in GGITS, esp. the first two (yes, even Sam !)

The beginning of Money features the famous Alien sounds, which are clearly audible. Audience goes wild in CN if the ball opens and is bathed in light. Guy sings 'Mother' in RLH. Overall a very nice sounding audience recording.

The added MTV-KT is live from San Sebastian ? -PIET


After LTF: "Gutenabend. Vielen dank... Gut, Ich weiB nicht was Ich Ir sagen, daB ist _What_Do_You_Want_From_Me_." (this looks as if he reads it form a sheet, telling them that he doesn't knwo what he says ...) After OOTD: "Vielen dank. Danke sehr... Danke schoen. Danke schoen... Wir nehmen ein kleir break, eh ... zehn minuten... Wir widerkommen. Danke sehr." After ABITW2: "Danke Shoen. Thank you very much... Right. Thank you again very much for coming tonight. It probably (?) we have a time for ... This is Comfortably Numb" After RLH: "Thank you very much indeed, thank you. We'll see you again. Goodnight." -PIET

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