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Format: CD
Catalog: TSP-CD-049 The Swingin' Pig Records
Misc.: Audience (or soundboard?) recording, Remastered with NoNoise
Produced: 1990
Date: 720217
Cover: Picture of pig (mother) with piglets (young pigs). Pink Floyd Live written on front cover, and tour program and track list on back cover. -TOR
Sources: 17 Feb 1972, The Rainbow Theatre, London.
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      1. Speak To Me /             3:30
      2. On The Run                6:31
      3. Time                      6:34
      4. Breathe (Reprise)         1:05
      5. The Great Gig In The Sky  4:38
      6. Money                     8:05  
      7. Us & Them                 2:25
      8. Any Colour You Like       4:46
      9. Brain Damage              3:59
     10. Eclipse                   1:20
                            Total 41:03*

      Roger Waters*
      David Gilmour*
      Rick Wright*
      Nick Mason*

Xref: 8th RD From The Moon (BM 044/2) Dark Side Of The Sky (CO 25117) The Live Side Of The Moon (SG 013), Time, Forbidden Samples
  • Sup -HERWIG
  • The sound quality is very good -TAP (#50)
  • 8 -OSO
  • Sup -TOR
  • Ex/Ex- -Greg
Comments: Just another DSoTM RoIO? No, this one - containing one of the very first DSoTM preformances - is in fact, a historical recording! For example, the instrumentals that form On The Run, The Great Gig In The Sky and Any Colour You Like are completely different and very interesting. Some tracks are badly cut: Us And Them is reduced to under three minutes, Time has ben chopped too, and the end of Eclipse is faded out! However - thanks to the digital nois reduction system NoNOISE - the sound quality is very good; so listening to this CD is a real pleasure. In my opinion, any collection of Pink Floyd CDs is incomplete without this. -TAP (#50)

On The Run jam & Great Gig w/preachers. Time abridged at 3.33. Us & Them abridged at 2.18. Mastering - vinyl. -OSO

A great recording, absolutely no tape hiss evident. Only drawback with this one, is that Time and Us And Them is cut a bit, and that Eclipse is faded out a little early. -TOR

Excellent sound quality, possibly from the soundboard. This CD presents the pre-release version of Dark Side of the Moon, which contains the original versions of On the Run and The Great Gig in the Sky. Other compositions are also slightly different from their Dark Side counterparts. -ECM

During Eclipse, they were playing also a lot of tracks in the background. One of those you can hear very faintly is someone reading the beginning of the book of genesis.

Exactly the same track can be found on "Songs of a distant earth" by Mike Oldfield, the only difference is that Mike was about 22 years later. Mike says, that this cut was taken from a Apollo Mission and this guy (can't remember the name) was orbiting the MOON while reading this ... -ANON

After the glowing reviews and the SUP ratings on the database I couldn't wait to pick this one up. Boy was I dissappointed. The cuts were annoying and the sound quality is at best EX or EX-. This isn't the best 72 Darkside cd. Great Gig on the Moon is much much better as far as sound quality and length. - Greg

Excellent sound, but as Greg pointed out, the cuts are annoying. At least they are faded out instaed of an abrupt cut. My cover art looks different than the scan. It is silver in color. The image looks like a black and white negative. It is hard to tell that those are pigs. The cd label indicates "OSA", the matrix says MON TSP-CD-049. The cd label includes the track listing and TSP's pig.

I'll have to check out The Great Gig on The Moon (if I can find a copy). - JZ

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