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Format: 3CD
Catalog: GDR CD 9313/ABC Great Dane
Misc.: SIAE/AAD, booklet says recorded from reel-to-reel tape
Produced: Italy, 5/93
Date: 800228
Cover: Front: Top is a big yellow ink splotch with "Pink Floyd" written in red Scarfe lettering. Bottom is a small yellow rectangle with "Brick By Brick" written in the same red lettering. The artwork is best described as an orange background with black ink splattered across the bottom in an "X" with "Pink" standing in the middle of the "X". In the middle of the orange background is a purple silouette of Pink's wife--the cartoon image of when his wife turns into a monster. Back: Top is the same big yellow ink splotch with the track lists for each of the three disks. Bottom is a yellow rectangle which says "all songs by Roger Waters unless noted" and briefly states the date/venue of the concert and rehersals. The artwork is depicted as a desolate place, desertlike, like after a nuclear holocaust, with Pink in the midst sitting in his recliner watching TV with his reading lamp standing next to him. Booklet: Animation scenes from the show, photos of the live show and setup, text explaining the origins of The Wall concept (i.e. the 'Animals' tour) and description of the show.
Sources: 28 Feb 1980, Nassau Coliseum, NY. Feb 1, 1980, Paramount Studios, LA (Wall Rehearsals)
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      Disc 1
       1. Introduction                         1:59
       2. In The Flesh                         3:32
       3. The Thin Ice                         3:10
       4. Another Brick In The Wall (pt.1)     5:01
       5. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives       1:46
       6. Another Brick In The Wall (pt.2)     6:15
       7. Mother                               7:50
       8. Goodbye Blue Sky                     3:44
       9. What Shall We Do Now?                4:36
      10. Young Lust (Gilmour,Waters)          5:16
      11. One Of My Turns                      3:44
      12. Don't Leave Me Now                   4:06
      13. Another Brick In The Wall (pt.3)     4:37
      14. Goodbye Cruel World                  1:51
                                       Total  57:33*

      Disc 2
       1. Hey You                              5:30
       2. Is There Anybody Out There?          2:58
       3. Nobody Home                          3:30
       4. Vera                                 1:14
       5. Bring The Boys Back Home             1:20
       6. Comfortably Numb (Gilmour,Waters)    7:25
       7. The Show Must Go On                  2:37
       8. Isn't This Where We Came In?         2:55
       9. In The Flesh?                        4:48
      10. Run Like Hell (Gilmour,Waters)       7:50
      11. Waiting For The Worms                4:04
      12. Stop                                 0:30
      13. The Trial                            6:23
      14. Outside The Wall                     4:01
                                       Total  55:05*

      Disc 3
       1. The Thin Ice                         2:55
       2. Another Brick In The Wall (pt.1)     5:13
       3. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives       1:28
       4. Another Brick In The Wall (pt.2)     6:30
       5. Mother                               7:18
       6. Goodbye Blue Sky                     4:32
       7. Empty Spaces                         1:25
       8. What Shall We Do Now?                1:48
       9. Young Lust (Gilmour,Waters)          5:03
      10. One Of My Turns                      3:30
      11. Sort Yourself Out James              1:53
      12. Another Brick In The Wall (pt.3)     2:46
      13. Goodbye Cruel World                  2:59
      14. Hey You                              7:06
      15. Don't Start The Tapes James          1:14
      16. Is There Anybody Out There?          3:32
      17. Nobody Home                          3:50
      18. Vera                                 1:26
      19. Bring The Boys Back Home             1:36
      20. Comfortably Numb (Gilmour,Waters)    7:04
      21. The Show Must Go On                  2:47
                                       Total  75:55*

      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

      Snowy White (guitar)
      Andy Bown (bass)
      Peter Wood (keyboards)
      Willie Wilson (drums)

  • EX+ -ADAM
Comments: Excellent sound on the Nassau concert. The rehearsal material doesn't fare so well, with level fluctuations being the main irritant - interesting stuff though. -THE HEDONIST

* Indexing is a bit off. Individual track times are not printed in the booklet or on the discs. The totals above are the sum of individual track times taken from the CD player. The following are the total times taken from the CD player when the discs first start up: Disc 1 - 57:33, Disc 2 - 55:12, Disc 3 - 76:06

This concert is considered probably the best live performance of The Wall. The songs are excellent, the transitions between songs are excellent, and the improvisations are excellent. What more can I say? This is definitely a must have! Hip Cat bills it as Best Sounding Live Wall CD!!! And I couldn't agree more. It is basically the same as Behind The Wall, except without the Roger's Seville '91 set.

As with other Great Dane discs, the packaging is excellent. The colors stand out with vibrant yellow, orange, and red colors with the ink splattering stuff that is common in Scarfe artwork. The booklet text describes Roger's spitting incident, briefly analyzes The Wall concept, and talks about some of the venues where it was performed live.

Disc 3 is probably my favorite of the whole package. There is no hiss and, when cranked up, sounds like they are performing just for you in a stadium with no annoying screaming fans spoiling it for you. It's in stereo, so it wasn't recorded on a cheap walkman. My guess is that it was someone who had a ghetto-blaster equipped with 2 mics and decided to sacrifice a tape by quickly filling in the punch-out wholes, popping it back in, quickly rewinding it, and pressing "Record". A Definite Must Have!!! - ADAM

I question the date of the show. According to the LP database, the Feb 26 show had technical problems: missing 'call the schoolmaster' (The Trial). "call the schoolmaster" is missing on Brick By Brick, Behind the Wall, and Monopoly. All listed as Feb 28 shows. Brick By Brick out of print (Great Dane). Excellent sound quality - JZ

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