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Format: CD
Catalog: NZCD 88002 Neutral Zone
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Date: 700916
Cover: Front: sun rising from behind a pyramid ? Desert with palm tree in front Back: standard 'live' photo of the band with the huge screen in the back and a tracklist. This is the same picture as the top-back-side picture on the LP "Pink Floyd - Embryo" (San Diego 1971)
Sources: 16 Sep 1970, London, England. 16/9/70, Paris Theatre, London, UK (1-4) 30/9/71, Paris Theatre, London, UK (5,6)
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      1. Embryo                         10:06
      2. Green Is The Colour             3:38
      3. Careful With That Axe, Eugene   7:17
      4. If                              4:26
      5. One Of These Days               6:32
      6. Echoes                         25:42

      Total recorded time 57 minutes 22 seconds

      David Gilmour*
      Nick Mason*
      Roger Waters*
      Richard Wright*

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  • Ex -F
Comments: This is a great boot. There is strong bass throughout the recording, although it is sometimes slightly distorted. There is no audience noise and the recording is quite clean. No drop outs. It must have been taken from vinyl, as pops can be heard, but they are barely perceptable.

Embryo is fantastic with a squealing guitar like the one in the strange middle part of Echoes. The scream in Careful With That Axe seems to hang forever, a good effect. One Of These Days and Echoes are also quite nice. The line "One of the days, I'm going..." appears at the end of the song rather than the middle. -F

NOTE: This information was derived from a second generation tape (and thus the quality of the original may be better than Ex). I cannot be positive that it is Bytes, but I know that it is from Oct. 3, 1971. It could have been made from a vinyl source, but if the CD is taken from the same source, it is no doubt wonderful. -F

Recording taken from vinyl as evidenced by pops and static. Otherwise, good sound; not great. -ECM

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