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Format: CD
Catalog: RSC CD 068 Oil Well
Misc.: Very clear soundboard recording Scancode: 8013013406822
Produced: April 1995
Date: 700429
Matrix: Disc 1: 991950125580 1506-A
Cover: Close up of Rick behind keyboard in some kind of neo-1970ish looking red vinyl or leather jacket with a paper cup and a pack of Marlboros on laying on the top of the keyboard. Border of CD cover is about 1/2 inch of red all around. CD back is plain white with setlist written. CD is plain with song listing and oil wells to the left side and "PINK FLOYD" "CALIFORNIA SUN" written at top.
Sources: 29 Apr 1970, San Francisco CD says "Live in San Francisco, CA - October 21, 1970 - Vol. 1". but this is from the April 29, 1970 show at San Francisco's Fillmore West.
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      Disc:  1
       1. Grantchester Meadows 
       2. Astronomy Domine 
       3. Cymbaline 
       4. Atom Heart Mother 
          Total Time:                                         47:01 

      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason 
      David Gilmour 

  • EX+ -ERIC O.
Comments: This is a very clean recording. If you are looking for a good version of the 1st show on April 29, 1970 this is the one to look for. It is far better than any other I have heard. Less audience noise plus the interaction that Roger has with the audience is left intact. Roger is very communicable with the crowd during this show. - ERIC O.

Very plain white packaging, says that it is Vol 1. Gets a little bass distortion from time to time. Before Atom Heart Mother, DG says "when we're in England, we're making a new album, at the moment, and this thing we're going to play is going to be one side of it." Instruments are tuned, then "Also we're taking a break when we finish this, it seems to have gone very quickly this evening, maybe we've been playing really fast. Anyway we are, don't go away when we leave the stage we are coing back, it won't be very long. Ready?" Then AHM begins with airplane engine noises.

Some years ago, "Oil Well" company bought out "Swingin' Pig Records". Then, several "new" RoIOs appeared, under the "Oil Well" label, but some of them were in fact digital copies of old "Swingin' Pig" RoIOs. Some examples: "Echoes" is a reissue of "One Of These Days", "Green Is The Color" is a reissue of "Amsterdam 69", "Black Wizard" and "White Witch" are a reissue of "Live In Montreux".

This one is the perfect copy of "Live At Winterland", disc one! The timings are exacly the same. Even the date on the sleeve (21 Oct 1970) is the same wrong date as on the "Live At Winterland" RoIO!

So, this is the April 29, 1970 show at San Francisco's Fillmore West. This is *not* the afternoon show at KQED TV studios that happened the same day (that TV show was performed without audience). - MARC-OLIVIER

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