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Format: CD
Catalog: LSCD 51562 (Live Storm)
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Produced: Italy, 1994
Date: 871107
Cover: Front: Lower portion of a face, centred on mouth. "Roger Waters" and "Canada 1987" at bottom. Back: Brown swirl design with track listing. "Recorded Live In Quebec, Canada in 1987" at top.
Sources: 07 Nov 1987, Colissee de Quebec Canada
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       1. Radio Waves
       2. Welcome to the Machine
       3. Money
       4. In the Flesh
       5. Have a Cigar
       6. Pigs
       7. Wish You Were Here
       8. Mother
       9. The Final Cut
      10. If
      11. The Powers That Be
      12. Breathe
      13. Brain Damage/Eclipse
      14. Another Brick (1)/Happiest Days/Another Brick (2)

      Roger Waters et al.

Xref: Roger Waters & The Bleeding Heart Band Goodbye Mr Pink Floyd Live Volume 1 Welcome to the Machine
  • Sup -STU
Comments: The Final Cut = Get Your Filthy Hands.../Southhampton Dock Brain Damage = Breathe Eclipse = Brain Damage/Eclipse Another Brick in the Wall = ABITW ptI/Happiest Days/ABITW ptII

Seems to be identical to the cross references. Audio is as good as it gets: perfect stereo. Some rare, faint crackles make me wonder if this was mastered from an LP: if so, the noise reduction process used does its job well. Highly recommended. - STU

The album Roger Waters: Canada 1987 was not mastered from an LP. In fact, the show that Waters did in Colisee de Quebec was retransmitted live in Los Angeles: a double show for the price of one! The recording was made by two radio stations, one from Quebec (FM 93) and one from Los Angeles (Westwood One Radio). These two stations were authorized to difuse the show on air, so the recording probably come from this transmission.

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