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Format: CD
Catalog: AYCD69 Country: Luxembourg
Misc.: On The Radio, Rarities on Compact Disc
Produced: 1992
Date: 670311
Cover: Front: A picture of the group (five of 'em) taken in an outdoor setting. Upper right is the words "Pink Floyd" in pink, across the bottom is the words "A CD FULL OF SECRETS". Back: White. Has 3 lines of text 'On The Radio', 'Rarities on compact disc' and 'Pink Floyd - A CD Full Of Secrets' and track listing. Bottom line text: 'Engineered by Oddie, Made in EEC, Phantom Records, Luxembourg' Booklet: simple insert. track listin on both sides. Front is the following: * PINK FLOYD -- A CD FULL OF SECRETS * Rarities On Compact Disc Track 1: Candy And A Currant Bun S. Barrett 3/11/67 The B side from the first Pink Floyd single. Produced by Joe Boyd at Sound Techniques in Chelsea on February 27, 1967 with John Wood engineering. Nick Mason: "In fact, we really didn't want 'Arnold Layne' to be our first single. We were asked to record six numbers and pick the best two. We recorded the first two and they were snatched away and we were told, 'That's it.'" Track 2: See Emily Play S. Barrett 6/16/67 Recorded May 23, 1967, at Sound Techniques. After days of messing about trying to repeat the sound of "Arnold Layne" they finally returned to Joe Boyd's favorite studio. Sid Barrett: "I was sleeping in a wood after a gig up north, when I saw a girl coming through the trees, shouting and dancing. That's Emily!" Track 3: Flaming (single version) S. Barrett 8/5/67 As with the early Beatles' albums, Capitol Records (EMI's sister label in America) re-arranged "Piper At The Gates Of Dawn" and held back this and two other songs to be used as future "new" product. "Flaming" was released as the A side of the third US single on Capitol's obscure satellite Tower label. Track 4: Apples And Oranges S. Barrett 11/18/67 Track 5: Paintbox R. Wright 11/18/67 The third UK single. The kaleidoscopic suburbia of Barrett's lyrics evokes a madcap return to the Beatles' "Penny Lane". Paired with Rick Wright's vinyl debut as a composer caused British magazine "NME" to anoint it as "The most psychedelic single Pink Floyd has come up with yet." Produced 11/2/67 by Norman Smith at Abbey Road Studios. Previously unreleased in the U.S.. Track 6: It Would Be So Nice R. Wright 4/12/68 Track 7: Julia Dream R. Waters 4/12/68 The Syd-less Floyd struck out on their own with the fourth UK/US single. Controversy arose over the A side due to the reference to the English newspaper "The Evening Standard". Some producers at the BBC would not play the record if the paper's name was left in. Special discs were made for the BBC with the name changed to "Daily Standard." This recording is from the BBC disc. Track 8: Point Me At The Sky R. Waters/D. Gilmour 12/17/68 After "Point Me At The Sky," Pink Floyd simply ignored the 45 rpm market to become something almost unheard of at the time: An album band. Never again would they record a song specifically for single release. Back is the following: Track 9: Heartbeat, Pigmeat Pink Floyd 1/70 Track 10: Crumbling Land Pink Floyd 1/70 Track 11: Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up Pink Floyd 1/70 Recorded as soundtrack music for Michaelangelo Antonioni's film "Zabriskie Point." David Gilmour: "One track was a remake of 'Careful With That Axe, Eugene'. The other was kind of a country and western number which he [Antonioni] could have done better by any number of American bands. But he chose ours, very strange." Track 12: Biding My Time R. Waters 5/71 In the middle of a busy tour schedule on July 9, 1969, the band took time off the day before they began their Holland performance dates to record this track. It remained unreleased until May of 1971 when the "Relics" LP was compiled from early singles, album cuts and unreleased recordings. Artwork for the "Relics" cover was drawn by Nick Mason. Priduced by Norman Smith at Abbey Road Studios. Track 13: Money (1981 dance version) R. Waters 11/23/81 Originally from "The Dark Side Of The Moon" L.P.. This is the "new" 1981 dance version because the original could not be re-released in the USA due to contractual reasons. Slated to be a single but canceled at the last minute. Re-recorded at New Roydonia Studios, mixed by James Guthrie at Producer's Workshop in Los Angeles and produced by David Gilmour. Track 14: When The Tigers Broke Free R. Waters 7/26/82 TThe one all-new song from "The Wall" movie. This single came out with the legend "From the forthcoming L.P.: The Final Cut." That L.P.'s original intention was to be a soundtrack containing songs that were different or not on the "Wall" album at all. Produced by David Gilmour, Bob Ezrin and Roger Waters. Co-produced and engineered by James Guthrie. Track 15: Not Now John (obscured version) R. Waters 4/83 Single from "The Final Cut." This track had a frequently repeated four-letter word replaced with something less likely to offend the compilers of radio playlists. Produced by Roger Waters, James Guthrie and Michael Kamen. Track 16: Terminal Frost (DYOL mix) D. Gilmour 9/7/87 The "Do Your Own Lead" mix having the guitar part removed from the "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason" album cut. This is the "Waterless" Pink Floyd. Roger Waters later described this as "A pretty fair forgery." Produced by Bob Ezrin and David Gilmour. Track 17: Run Like Hell (live version) D. Gilmour/ R. Waters 11/5/87 Pink Floyd's world tour launched September 9, 1987, extended through 1988 and 1989 and ended after 200 shows at Knebworth on JUne 30, 1990/ On November 5, 1987, the Atlanta concert was filmed to be included in a full length concert film. Most of this footage was scrapped, but it did yield video clips for "Dogs of War" and "On The Turning Away," plus live B sides of the latter, and "Run Like Hell," featured here. Recorded by Ringo Hyreynn. Mixed by James Guthrie and David Gilmour. Packaging: jewel box. Disc: Top has words "A CD FULL OF SECRETS" and AYCD To the left of the center hole is the "Compact disc Digital Audio" logo To the right of the center hole is (c)&(p) 1992. Under the hole is "Phantom records" round logo and catalog number AYCD69. Around the circumference of the disc are the words "All rights of the producer and of the owner of the work reproduced are reserved. Unauthorized copying hiring lending public performance and broadcasting of this record is prohibited" Finally, in the ring around the center hole is the following "AYCD-69 POCD*" backwards which can be seen from other side of disc.
Sources: 11 Mar 1967, -1987 11 Mar 67 (1) ; 16 Jun 67 (2) ; 5 Aug 67 (3) ; 18 Nov 67 (4,5) 12 Apr 68 (6,7) ; 17 Dec 68 (8) ; Jan 70 (9,10,11) ; May 71 (12) 23 Nov 81 (13) ; 26 Jul 82 (14) ; Apr 83 (15) ; 7 Sep 87 (16) 5 Nov 87 (17)
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       1. Candy and a Currant Bun                                   2:43
       2. See Emily Play                                            2:50
       3. Flaming (single version)                                  2:46
       4. Apples and Oranges                                        3:01
       5. Paintbox                                                  3:28
       6. It Would Be So Nice                                       3:39
       7. Julia Dream                                               2:34
       8. Point Me at the Sky                                       3:34
       9. Heartbeat, Pigmeat                                        3:08
      10. Crumbling Land                                            4:13
      11. Come In Number 51, Your Time is Up                        4:58
      12. Biding My Time                                            5:14
      13. Money (1981 dance version)                                6:44
      14. When the Tigers Broke Free                                2:52
      15. Not Now John (obscured version)                           4:24
      16. Terminal Frost (DYOL mix)                                 5:58
      17. Run Like Hell (live version)                              7:10

      Syd Barrett
      Roger Waters
      David Gilmour
      Richard Wright
      Nick Mason

Xref: ROLO release
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Comments: This CD is RoIO copy of the cd that was released by the Westwood-1 Network, intended for radio play only.

Has been produced on CDR with the catalogue number changed to AYCD70.

(Last update: 980818)

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