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Format: CD
Catalog: EOL CDE 049101
Misc.:<no info>
Produced: 1991?
Date: 68
Cover: Photo of band, Dali-esque tree, blue background, red lettering
Sources: 1968- 1972 Six official LPs
Hires-coverscans: <no info>
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       1. Cirrus Minor
       2. If
       3. Burning Bridges
       4. A Pillow of Winds
       5. The Narrow Way Part 3
       6. Mudmen
       7. Crying Song
       8. Fat Old Sun
       9. What's ... Uh the Deal
      10. Fearless
      11. Green is the Colour
      12. See Saw
      13. Cymbaline
      14. More Blues
      15. San Tropez

      David Gilmour
      Nick Mason
      Roger Waters
      Rick Wright

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Comments: My first thought on seeing this ROIO was that it might be an officially-licenced disc produced in a central or east European country, but there is nothing printed on it to suggest that is the case. The tracks are taken from six official LPS - ASOS, Ummagumma, More, AHM, Meddle and OBC. Some of the track titles are mis-spelt on the back cover, inside cover and on the disc - although not the same errors in all three places. The date 1991 is printed on back cover, which may be the production date. No country of manufacture is mentioned; my copy was found in the Czech Republic, but this is merely circumstantial evidence. - ANON

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