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Date: 930918
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Sources: 18 Sep 1993, Cowdray Ruins, Midhurst, England Benefit for the Kind Edward VII Hospital.
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       1. A Kind Of Magic
       2. I Want To Break Free
       3. We Will Rock You
       4. Another One Bites The Dust
       5. Radio Ga Ga
       6. Turn It On Again
       7. I Can't Dance
       8. Invisible Touch
       9. Run Like Hell
      10. Wish You Were Here
      11. Comfortably Numb
      12. Stone Free 
      13. Old Love
      14. Gimme Some Loving

      Roger Waters 
      David Gilmour
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason

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Comments: It was inevitable that the Cowdray Ruins gig, of which we reported extensively in the previous Echoes, would turn up on CD. This CD however is not a regular one. It's a CD-Recordable. This system, through which you can put your own recordings on CD, has been on the market in Japan for some time. From there is also this CD. The Japanese have been doing some work in the sitting-room on more than one occasion, witnessing the several roio acetates that have emerged in the past. But that on the side, back to the CD. What you can hear is a nearly complete registration of the concert in a reasonable sound quality. Besides tracks from Genesis, Queen and Eric Clapton, a trio Pink Floyd songs can be found on it. Especially the first song, "Run Like Hell", sounds very 'tight', with a different intro, compared to the World Tour versions. "Wish You Were Here" also sounds very nice, but "Comfortably Numb" is now and then overcast by too fanatic singing-along of the audience.

The CD ends with a song by all bands together, as "The Cowdray Ruins Band".

This CD doesn't contain essential material but would have been a nice embellishment to a box like Total Eclipse.

The number of printed CD's is hard to estimate, but it can't hardly be more than a few tens, so grab your chance if you run across a copy. - (Charles Beterams) Dutch Fanzine "Echoes" # 8

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