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Format: 2CD
Catalog: Red Robin
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Date: 741116
Cover:<no info>
Sources: 16 Nov 1974, 01 Nov 1994 London 16 Nov 74 and Earl's Court 1 Nov 94.
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      Roger Waters 
      David Gilmour
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason

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Comments: Darkside songs from London 9/24/73 and Earl's Court 11/1/94

This is an EX+ RoIO or at least the "1973" show is. The 1994 CD has some recording problems. In the middle of the CD some rap music can be heard for a few seconds*#@#$ I'm not sure the "1973" is from 73. It sounds like the radio broadcast from 1974 and is exactly the same length too Overall a nice set. -ANON

"Dark Night In London" is a superior RoIO recording of the 1973 tour. ANON is correct regarding the 1994 show; too many problems that annoy (purchase "Pulse" for the ultimate 1994 version). The package does, however, provide a nice comparison between the 1973 and 1994 performances of "Dark Side". - ABDABS = Disk one of this two disk set is incorrectly labeled as September 24, 1973. It is actually from the BBC broadcast of the Dark Side set from November 16, 1974.

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