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Format: CD
Catalog: CO 25117 Chapter One
Misc.: AAD
Produced: USA?
Date: 720217
Cover: Cover is a lovely 4 page booklet with photos live on stage 1974 - 1977. -BD (#23) Front cover shows the clock with the pendulum, from the end of the film segment for Time. -TOR
Sources: 17 Feb 1972, London ./ BBC 1970* -BD (#23) (1-10) Rainbow Theatre, London, 17 or 20 Feb 72 -OSO (11, 12) Paris Theatre, London, 16 Sep 1970.
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      1. Speak To Me / Breathe                 3:30
      2. On The Run                            6:31
      3. Time                                  6:34
      4. Breathe Reprise                       1:05
      5. The Great Gig In The Sky              4:38
      6. Money                                 8:05
      7. Us & Them                             2:25
      8. Any Colour You Like                   4:46
      9. Brain Damage                          3:59
     10. Eclipse                               1:20
     11. Atom Heart Mother                    25:04
     12. If                                    4:40

                                        Total 72:03

      Roger Waters*
      David Gilmour*
      Rick Wright*
      Nick Mason*

Xref: Best Of Tour 72, Time, 8th RD From The Moon, The Live Side Of The Moon, Forbidden Samples
  • Ex -HERWIG
  • Good-Excellent -BD (#23)
  • 7.5 -OSO
Comments: Hard to find this disc is another issue of the 17.2.72 concert in reasonably good quality although Best Of Tour 72 is better. The other 2 tracks are from the 1970 BBC session in pretty good quality. -BD (#23)

On The Run jam & Great Gig w/preachers. Time abridged at 3.33. Us & Them abridged at 2.18. A superset of "best of tour 72" (bot72 is better.) Mastering - vinyl. -OSO

This version of Dark Side is the 1972 version from before the studio album was released. Excellent sound quality, and a particularly good version of the pre-release On the Run; very jazzy. -ECM

HUNT THIS ONE DOWN WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT!!! What a phenomenal performance, an absolute musical Picasso. This rendition of "Dark Side of the Moon" is completely different and just so refreshing because of its uniqueness. There are a few complaints however; a few lines missing from "time", "the great gig in the sky" is not likeable, and "us & them" is cut too short for my taste. But otherwise a very superb performance. "Atom heart mother" sounds like the studio version and "If" is not too shabby. This Roio MUST be had!

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