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Format: 2CDR
Catalog: pf1010073 jpn98007 Pigs on the Wing
Misc.: Audience recording
Produced:<no info>
Date: 730317
Matrix: Disc: 1 CDR
Disc: 2 CDR
Cover: Front: Enlarged prism on black background. Above the prism, a la Meet the Beatles cover style, are the heads of the band members. From left to right are Roger, Nick, Rick and Dave. Photo looks '77ish, not '73 but don't know for sure. Tracks are listed on backside which is on white background with photo of a VSC3 Synthi in lower right corner. Japanese characters written near bar-code. The font for all text is a "bubbled space-aged" text. Case is folded glossy cardboard with a collage of on stage, backstage, and studio photographs in the inside spread.
Sources: 17 Mar 1973, Radio City Music Hall, NYC and "Paris 1968 (first two songs)"
Hires-coverscans: <no info>
MP3-Soundsample: <no info>


      Disc: 1
       1. Let There be More Light 
       2. Flashing [sic] 
       3. Obscured by Clouds 
       4. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 
       5. Careful with tha Axe, Eugene 
       6. Echoes 

      Disc: 2
       1. Speak to Me 
       2. Breathe 
       3. On the Run 
       4. Time 
       5. The Great Gig in the Sky 
       6. Money 
       7. Us and Them 
       8. Any Colour You Like 
       9. Brain Damage 
      10. Eclipse 
      11. One of These Days 
      12. Saucerful of Secrets 

      Roger Waters 
      Nick Mason 
      David Gilmour 
      Rick Wright 

Xref:<no info>
  • VG+ -PIG1DO
Comments: Another complete show from the 73 tour (minus Childhood's End??) as performed in New York City, according to the package. The date and location match with Miles accounting. Sounds great, almost like a bare mix from a soundboard. All instruments come in clear and sharp without stadium/theatre reverb. The quality of the two songs supposedly from Paris 68 are not as clean, but definitely enjoyable (VG- maybe). Flashing should be title Flaming and Obscured by Clouds contains both ObC and When You're In, although not indicated on the sleeve. Apparently a Japanese production. -PIG1DO

This is a MUST BUY. It's from an early show of the American tour of 1973, although the first two tracks of Disc One are listed as performed in Paris in 1968. Audio quality is an "8" and packaging is a gorgeous gatefold "digi-pak", sturdy and very glossy, with the front cover being that of the MOJO magazine "Dark Side Anniversary" cover story; the inside being a collage of familiar photos, and the back listing the tracks with a great photo of a VCS-3 (or whatever those letters are) synthesizer. The package is indeed like a mini-double LP from the "olden days"?

"Let There Be?" is very clean and almost appears to be from a radio show, perhaps BBC(?). There is some curious phase shifting going on, especially during the audience applause.

"Flashing" ("Flaming", that is) has an extended Rick Wright Farfisa organ solo. "Obscured" has a neat Moog intro, going into a jam with Gilmour playing some excellent slide and Wright playing some funky seventh chords on Hammond, then returning to his Moog. "Set the Controls" offers a very nice Farfisa spacescape courtesy of Mr. Wright, and is the only version of this song I have ever heard with Mini Moog in it. "Eugene" is closer to the studio version than any others I've heard, and has extended whispered vocals by Waters and very animated screams. "Echoes" features excellent sound, most noticeably great kick drum which is normally the first thing to "go" in audience tapes.

Quite good quality recording of DSotM, replete with the female vocals although it still contains the "lying supine" lyric. "Saucerful" is magnificient, worth the price of the double set alone, although curiously there are no vocals at the end? Again, a must-have disc. -Z-MAN

Stay away from Dark Side of Radio City (2 cdrs on a Japanese label I believe is called Pigs on the Wing). The performance is 3/17/73. The first disc is actually very good-nice and clear, no hiss. The second disc is very "fast" , something happened to their source tape - a real shame because the 1st disc was so good (although the 1st disc starts with 2 BBC tracks for some reason.) Just wanted to let you know. -MIKE

This release comes on CDR however the packaging is very good being based on the mojo dark side special artwork and the discs although CDR's have printed backs and come in slips to prevent scratching. The sound is the best of any of the 73 shows being upfront and with a real kick to it. However the whole show runs fast (the first two tracks and SOS do not as they're from different sources). This speed problem can not be heard on instrumental tracks so all of disk one is ok however one or two tracks on disk 2 are spoilt, mainly money which is obviously sped up. Other than money the only thing you hear is that the vocals are slightly more high pitched although not enough to spoil it. Regarding the performance this is an excellent show CWTAE is amazing as is OBC/WYI. However the highlight is SCFHOS which is the best ever version by a mile. The middle section keyboard solo is out of this world being the only one with mini moog in it and also some improvised bass playing for roger with a number of "false start" returns to the main theme. All in all this is a excellent release but due to the speed problems I'd still rank Yeskhull as the best 73 show if you like to listen to the whole show at once but this show has more highlights and better sound. -GREEN MAN

This is recommended. I was definitely astonished by the overall good sound quality. The first two songs are a mystery but they are not the BBC ones. Nevertheless incredibly sound quality considering the age, at least VG+. The source material for the 73 concert is of breathtaking quality. I would rate it EX+, sometimes even SUP-. Unfortunately the record is destroyed by a neverending switching between stereo and mono for no apparent reason. The mono parts are hollow sounding and reduce the overall rating to EX. There is a bad cut in TGGiTS. The last song (ASOS) is also not from 73 but sounds great. -HERWIG

This set is a peculiar oddity.

The first two songs are from French TV (not BBC Radio) in late 68'. Floyd performed these 2 tracks on 3 different occasions in Sept, Oct and Dec 1968 for channel ORTF2. Your guess is as good as mine which one these two are from.

The Radio City tracks are puzzling:

Disc one is nice and at the correct speed except my copy switches between mono and stereo making it almost unlistenable (try listening on headphones if you don't believe me). There are also some nasty edits, in particular right at the end of "Echoes".

Disc two is way too fast with more bad edits ("Us & Them", "O.O.T.D.") and mono/stereo switching.

I'll bet my hat that "Saucerful ..." is not from this show, the reverb quality changes from large hall to small room, plus O.O.T.D was the standard encore at this time. "In the Flesh" book does not list this as part of the set.

In fact I have suspicion that it's not even Floyd. There are no vocals (which would give it away) and there are peculiar effects you can hear on headphones. It just doesn't sound right. I hope I'm wrong.

A shame really as the packaging is luscious. -TUZZSTER

What a shame. It's a good perfoemance of Dark Side, but the speed seems a little to fast. At times, David Gilmour sounds like one of The Chipmunks when he is singing. According to the book In the Flesh, ASOS was not performed at this concert. It's probably from a 1972 show. These shows featured Celestial Voices with no vocals. For a better quality show with the same setlist (minus ASOS), look for Yeeshkul. -KDS

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