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Format: CD
Catalog: TGP-CD-129 The Genuine Pig
Misc.:<no info>
Produced: CDT - Berlin
Date: 700429
Cover: Cover is a 4 page booklet with poor colour pics of PF onstage early 70's. -BD (#23)
Sources: 29 Apr 1970, San Francisco, U.S.A. Reported as 08 Mar 1970 SF Fillmore West (This is not correct -TOR)
Hires-coverscans: darkness_over_frisco.back.1.jpg
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       1. Cymbailine
       2. Granchester Meadows
       3. Green Is The Colour
       4. Careful With That Axe
       5. Atom Heart Mother
       6. Set The Controls
          Total  57:17

      Roger Waters*
      David Gilmour*
      Rick Wright*
      Nick Mason*

Xref: Colourful Meadows
  • VG+ -PELLE
  • Good -BD (#23)
Comments: Pretty easy to get, this again is the PBS broadcast 29.4.70. Due to crackle suppression technique used, the music suffers, but is still slightly better than Colourful Meadows. -BD (#23)

The date could be 29th April 1970, as reported in an old Italian book about Pink Floyd interviews and rarities. A good performance, the only remarkable drawback is the terrible vocals in AHM. The sound quality is enough good, it was '70, do not forget. A collectable item, for sure. -PELLE

Darkness Over Frisco does appear to be different from Psychedelicamania. At least the song Green is the Colour is different because on Psychedelicamania Dave doesn't bother to sing Green but goes straight to coulor of her way. In Darkness he clearly does sing green and the pace is much slower on this Roio or else the tape speed is wrong.

I always thought they were the same so I never bothered listening to Darkness Over Frisco. It's on a crappy label anyway. If you gave a soundboard DAT to World Productions they would have to add vinyl pops and tape clicks just because of tradition. You heard of No-Noise, well these people have the technology of Mo-noise as in More-Noise.

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