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Format: 2CD
Catalog: PYCD 065-2 Triangle
Misc.: AAD, Made in the EEC
Produced: Manufactured in Italy by Opti.Me.S
Date: 720120
Cover: Floyd on stage lit with lights from overhead. Large circular screen behind the band lit from 13 angles. On the top written in yellow letters is PINK FLOYD, then in red letters and half the size is THE DARKSIDE REHEARSALS. Back: the track listing with line up and source. Included with this is "The Darkside Of The Moon Rehearsals. All Different Versions." "These historic recordings may contain surface noise or distortion due to age of the master recordings being used."
Sources: 20 Jan 1972, The Dome, Brighton, UK
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      Disc One
      1. Speak To Me                      2:08
      2. Breathe                          3:01
      3. On The Run                       8:09
      4. Time                             6:36
      5. Breathe (reprise)                1:46
      6. The Great Gig In The Sky         4:35
      7. Money                            2:44
      8. Atom Heart Mother               15:26
      9. Careful With That Axe, Eugene   10:45
                         Total Time:     55:14
      Disc Two
      1. One Of These Days                9:09
      2. Echoes                          26:31
      3. A Saucerful Of Secrets          17:03
                         Total Time:     52:44

      Roger Waters:  Vocals, bass
      David Gilmour: Vocals, guitar
      Rick Wright:   Organ
      Nick Mason:    Drums, percussion

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  • VG+ (SP?) -TOR
  • Ex -Scott
Comments: This is a recording of the premier show of DSotM. Due to some equipment failure, the DSotM part is abandoned a couple of minutes into Money. They continue with older material. A nice Speak To Me includes the sounds of the cash register and cows low'ing. The guy who taped the show is obviously very impressed with what he see's up on stage, as he commentate with; "Look at that.. Brilliant... Fucking Jesus!" during Speak To Me. On The Run is the jam version, Time is very slow (with Gilmour humming on the guitar solo) and TGGITS has the preacher tape. Sound quality is quite good, though there is some tape hiss evident and it sounds like the tape used was going a bit slow (but I'm not sure). Very litle audience noise. An truly historic recording. -TOR

Great sound quality. Purported to be the first time Dark Side was played for a live audience. Song cuts off during Money due to technical problems. Particularly excellent versions of Echoes and A Saucerful of Secrets. -ECM

Contains the first performance of Eclipsed (early version of DSOTM). Eclipsed is cut short by a power outage during Money. As a result, the band plays AHM, which was not part of this tour's set list (except for Japan). AHM has no tractor (?) introduction; the band just gets right into the song. The performances of AHM were beginning to wind down (with about 10 or so more performances before being permanently dropped from the set list). Saucerful has no ending vocals by Dave. Sound quality is high and all song performances are strong. It was the beginning of a new era. This is a historic show. Rated as essential collection material. -Scott

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