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Format: 2CD
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Produced: 1993, Luxemburg
Date: 750426
Cover:<no info>
Sources: 26 Apr 1975, LA, USA.
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      Disc 1
       1. Sheep                           13:31 
       2. Dogs                            14:31
       3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 1-5  12:43
       4. Have a Cigar                     4:36
       5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 6-9  13:28

      Disc 2
       1. Speak to Me                      2:17
       2. Breathe                          2:59
       3. On the Run                       4:35
       4. Time                             5:30
       5. Breathe - Reprise                1:05
       6. The Great Gig In the Sky         6:04
       7. Us and Them                      7:58
       8. Any Colour You Like              7:39
       9. Brain Damage                     3:41
      10. Eclipse                          2:58
      11. Echoes                          22:51

      David Gilmour  (guitars, vocals)
      Nick Mason     (percussion, vocals)
      Roger Waters   (basguitar, vocals)
      Richard Wright (keyboards, vocals)

Xref: Movin' Time
  • EX-
Comments: "Dogs and Sheeps" is almost identical to "Crazy Diamonds". The only difference is that Dogs and Sheeps doesn't contain the song Money, whereas the Crazy Diamonds does... The liner notes say that the recording on this CD was done at a LA show on April 26th 1975... -ECHOES_1

It's a pity that Money is missing because it would have fitted on the disc but then again Money was the best choice when leaving out a song from DSotM.

The quality of the sound is ex- IMO making this 2CD one of the best roios. According to Jon Rosenberg's book (which every Floyd fan should have) there was a concert on 26/4/75. I cannot verify if this recording is taken from that day but I can say for sure that this concert never has been released on a roio CD before (it is different to Crazy Diamonds).

Apart from the omission of Money this one is a complete recording of a great concert. You can hear Roger announcing the songs and shouting at people who wander around in front of the stage. I really love it when the breaks between the songs are recorded as well because this gives you the feeling that you are in the audience as well. And this is the best way to enjoy the Pink Floyd of the seventies when one become a fan of their music too late (in the eighties).

The songs I like most are Echoes with saxophone and Any Colour You Like with vocals from the background singers. Strongly recommended to everybody who is interested in roios. -ECHOES_2

This is an excellent show with great sound quality, and is marred only by the fact that Money is missing from the Dark Side set. You've Got to be Crazy is particularly good, as are Shine On (I-IX) and Echoes. -ECM

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