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Format: CD
Catalog: MOJO-036
Misc.: Australia, legal. Sold openly in record shops.
Produced: 1993
Date: 87
Cover: The cover shows a photo of an outdoors concert which has no connection to Pink Floyd (I don't think PF have had someone on stage playing a flute, nor having two large doves behind them!). The front cover has three large tickets for Mojo Music for a Pink Floyd concert. The usual Australian warnings about this being an unauthorised recording and sound quality are spread along the top and bottom of the cover in red ink. The word unapproved is also spread across the middle of the cover in red. The back cover has an identical photo to the front, but in a lighter shade with no tickets obstructing the stage. A track listing is also on the back.
Sources: 1987?
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       1. Welcome to the Machine               7:08
       2. Yet Another Movie                    7:33
       3. Dogs of War                          7:47
       4. On the Turning Away                  8:50
       5. Wish You Where Here                  5:20
       6. Us and Them                          7:12
       7. Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)  5:23
       8. Confortably Numb                     9:18

      Rick Wright
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

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Comments: An excellent audience recording with very little audience noise. There is a small amount of tape hiss, but it is only noticable between tracks. It should be noted that the title of the CD is not displayed on the CD covers at all. It is only on the CD itself. The only titles visible are "Pink Floyd Live" on the outside of the CD. -MARK

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