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Format: 3CDR
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Date: 870916
Matrix: Disc: 1
Disc: 2
Disc: 3
Cover: Front: Both front and back graphics are on stage pictures of (Gilmour's) Floyd, complete with lasers and Mr. Screen.
Sources: 16 Sep 1987, Cleveland Municipal Stadium, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
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      Disc: 1
       1. Echoes                                              20:45
       2. Signs Of Life                                        4:36
       3. Learning to Fly                                      5:14
       4. Yet Another Movie                                    6:35
       5. Round And Around                                     1:03
       6. A New Machine - Part I                               1:35
       7. Terminal Frost                                       6:10
       8. A New Machine - Part II                              0:50
       9. Sorrow                                               9:20
      10. Dogs Of War                                          8:04
      11. On The Turning Away                                  9:36

      Disc: 2
       1. One Of These Days                                    8:00
       2. Time                                                 5:05
       3. On The Run                                           4:47
       4. Wish You Were Here                                   5:00
       5. Welcome To The Machine                               8:59
       6. Us And Them                                          7:15
       7. Money                                                7:09
       8. Another Brick In The Wall, Part II                   6:41
       9. Comfortably Numb                                     8:21

      Disc: 3
       1. One Slip                                             6:43
       2. Run Like Hell                                        8:19
       3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond                          13:48

      David Gilmour - Guitar/Vocals
      Rick Wright - Keyboards
      Nick Mason - Drums/Percussion
      Guy Pratt - Bass 
      Jon Carin - Keyboards 
      Tim Renwick - Guitar 
      Gary Wallis - Percussion 
      Scott Page - Saxophones/Guitar
      Rachel Fury - Backing Vocals
      Margaret Taylor - Backing Vocals

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Comments: Another good recording from the Momentary Lapse tour. I'm having difficulty determining where the taper was, as the sound is a bit distant. My best guess is that he was a pretty good distance from the stage and his mic was aimed at the main PA (stage), but ended up getting some inherent reverb (the "stadium" effect), which is VERY noticeable on "Round And Around", and a few other places. Some of the sound effects are clear and can be heard quite easily, while others are distant. Maybe the taper was located near one of the rear PA stacks? Some of the louder volumes (during A New Machine, Dogs Of War, Sorrow) cause a slight overdriven distortion, which is a little annoying, but nothing to worry about. On several songs, the instruments are slightly murky (probably due to the distance), and the bass needs a slight boost, but it's nothing that a few tweaks of the 'ol EQ can't fix.

The crowd is active (and at times, pretty damn loud) but is not too obtrusive, making you feel that you are at the show! In my opinion, this recording is a notch below A Clear View and comparable to Prism, which still makes this a very good ROIO. Plus, you get a GREAT (complete) version of ECHOES!!!

The Floyd's playing seemed to be "on" that night.

Rick takes some creative keyboard liberties during the intro to OTTA, doodling about while holding the main chord. During the keyboard intro, Gilmour: "Thank you very much... Good Evening... We're gonna take on one more song here, then we're gonna take a few minutes break, and we'll be back, again. Thank You. Take her away guys..." After OTTA, "Thank you, we'll be back in a few minutes."

At the end of Money, Floyd plays the 4-bar into to ABITW2, stops for a few seconds, and then begins with "We don't need no ed-u-ca-tion". Great jam session!

After ABITW2, Gilmour: "Thank you! Wow. What fun, eh? That's right, do it. There is always a way . . . All right, thank you very much for coming, all you people! Woooo! This is a big place isn't it? We haven't been here in a few years. Anyway, one more, and, it will be time to go."

Dave: "Hello! Thank you! Well we have time for one more. (???) We hope you remember this one."

From what I can tell, it's the ONLY Momentary Lapse-tour disc to contain both Echoes and One Slip!!! A great performance by The Floyd and a very good recording make this essential Gilmour-era Floyd material. A solid addition to any collection!!! -SUNDOG

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