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Format: CD
Catalog: GDR CD 8904 Great Dane Records
Misc.: Broadcast
Produced: Optimes, Italy
Date: 700916
Cover: Cover is quit nicely designed with a single fold out showing suprisingly, an eclipse. Disc is same design as cover notes. -BD (#23)
Sources: 16 Sep 1970, - Mar 10, 1971 London. John Peel Show, BBC/Paris Theatre, London, England 16 Sep 70 - 1,2,3,4 / 10 Mar 71 - 5,6,7
Hires-coverscans: eclipse.back.1.jpg
MP3-Soundsample: <no info>


      1. Embryo                           9:12
      2. Green Is The Colour              3:15
      3. Careful With That Axe Eugene     7:20
      4. Atom Heart Mother               14:15
      5. If                               4:50
      6. One Of These Days                7:25
      7. Echoes                          25:14
                                  Total  73.03*

      Roger Waters*
      David Gilmour*
      Rick Wright*
      Nick Mason*

Xref: Londonfields, Rhapsody in Pink
  • Ex -BD (#23)
  • Ex -HERWIG
  • 9.5 -OSO
Comments: Quit scarce now this is from the BBC 1970-1 sessions (as are so many). This is good value being a nice sounding disc with long playing time. Note for completist - the second pressing has matrix # 991950000372 2950 as opposed to 991950000372 1903, but it is not known if this affects or differs the sound in any way. -BD (#23)

Indexing is off - track 2 still Embryo Indexing is off - track 3 is Green/Careful 1st public of Echoes. Playlist matches Westwood One Radio Network vinyl. A subset of 'Rhapsody In Pink' vinyl (which is cleaner.) -OSO

My pet hate seems to be the constant stream of BBC material re-re-re-re and re-released until it's had the shitty death taken out of it. Again we have another set culled from the 16 Sept. 70 session and it's not even taken from a tape, but an album. How it maintains it's EX stereo status is beyond me, but at least it has the decency to put out the whole performance. The packaging is basic, with drawings of solar eclipses. Overall, with GDR's track record, this appears to be the joker in the pack. -BD (#24)

Obviously taken from a vinyl source. Pops and other noise can be heard. Echoes is plagued by an annying hiss. Also, the track numbers are slightly screwed up. -ECM

The DJ introduction for One of These Days is as follows:

This next one is described by Roger Waters as a poignanted appraisal of the contemporary social situation, make what you will of that. And it will be on the new LP called Meddle. During the course of it too, Nick Masons vocal debut will come around, and, although you will hear his voice, at no time, if you're here in the studio folks, at no time will you see his lips move, which is somewhat of a technical tour de force. And it's called _One of these days I'm gonna cut you into little pieces_, or, for the benifit of the LP, _One of These Days_.

This CD does not include the whole performance. The song 'Fat Old Sun' is missing from the CD, and from the LP source as well. But the song excists on a CD called 'One Of These Days', TSP-label. Put it between 'If' and 'One Of These Days' and you will have the complete set. -ANON

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