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Format: CD
Catalog: PICD 1020 Golden Stars
Misc.: Audience recording, SIAE
Produced: (P) 1990 On the road, Made in EEC Red Line S.r.l. - Via Trentacoste, 32-20134 Milano (ITALY)
Date: 711017
Cover: Cover is full colour with reasonable, but strange graphics that represents ancient and modern! -BD (#23) Drawing of the upper part of Michelangelo's staue David, with some light beams going round him. A anicent and modern town built on a wallboard, is driving past him. All is happening out in space. Pink Floyd written in white inside a red rectangle at the top. Very nice colours. Four side booklet with same drawing on inside and backside, as on front cover.
Sources: 17 Oct 1971, Golden Hall, San Diego, CA.
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       1. Careful With That Axe, Eugene                13:12
       2. Fat Old Sun                                  15:20
       3. Atom Heart Mother                            15:56
          a) Father's Shout
          b) Breast Milky
          c) Mother Fore
          d) Funky Dung
       4. Embryo                                       10:58
       5. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun     6:28
       6. Cymbaline                                    11:37
       7. Blues Jam                                     5:11
          Total:                                       78:46

      Roger Waters - bass, vocals
      David Gilmour - guitars, vocals
      Rick Wright - keyboards, vocals
      Nick Mason - drums

  • Fair - Good -BD (#23)
  • VG-/G+ -TOR
Comments: Easy to get and is good for it's long playing time. Not a bad preformance either making it good value. -BD (#23)

Same recording as 'The Heart Of The Sun' CD, but this one includes 'Careful With That Axe, Eugene', and it has a choped down 'Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun'. Tape hiss and distortion on the louder tracks, sound effects is clear and good. Good stereo. This is a really good performance by Pink Floyd, especially 'Atom Heart Mother' and 'Cymbaline' with a long segment where PF shows of their quad sound effects; The music fades out and somebody enters through a door, walks around in the room opening doors with different sounds behind them, after awhile Cymbaline fades in again, just greate. -TOR

Very good sound quality. Embryo is cut off slightly at the beginning before the lyrics start, and is a different version than from any other show. -ECM

I was listening to the San Diego 71 show (Embryo) and during cymbaline they had a tape, with effects, playing in the background. Part of the tape sounded like it was being played backwards. So I sampled part of the song into my Mac and then reversed it. This is what I heard:

The ?red one? blows my mind. -ANON

I have the recording you do, and i've heard the backwards snippets. I've been planning to sample it through my computer to figure out what's being said. my guess is that it's just little bits from the song, nothing else. but i'll find out sometime soon... and yeah, the San Diego 71 show is the only cymbaline i've heard that has these backwards snippets. -ANON

Overall, I like this one a lot. It has an excellent version of "Fat Old Sun," with an Echoes-like middle section and a lot more punch to it than the studio version. AHM sounds pretty good, as does Embryo (also with a funk section in the middle, unlike any I have heard before). I too tried to decipher the backward masking in Cymbaline (with the aid of a Sound Blaster 16), but had little success.

It does seem like a lot of editing was done to get it to fit on one disc, but most everything is there. Sound quality is about as good as other discs I have heard from this era. -ANON

There's something elusive about this roio that makes it one of my perennial favorites. Sure, there's some hiss, and Embryo is missing a few seconds from the opening. But IMO any possible complaints are pretty trivial. Not only is the band *HOT* on this night, but the songs are mixed the way I like it. Each instrument is clear, and for a change, Rick's organ is played up in the mix. The gem of this disk is AHM, which IMO sounds even better than the KQED film version. Here in particular, Rick's organ is very clear; it's a rare treat to be able to hear what he plays on AHM. Cymbaline and Fat Old Sun are in their finest form here: top-notch energetic performances, and outstanding extended jams in the middle of each. This is post-Syd pre-Dark-Side Floyd at the height of their jamming power, captured in a recording which would make a nice starting point for new collectors. Although not without fault, IMO, it's a "must-have."

I've compared notes with a few other traders regarding the backwards message in Cymbaline, which extends (subtly) over quite a bit of the song. This backwards masking is definitely not present on any of the other source recordings of this night. It seems that it was added by the roio makers and not by the band. - SpacePig

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