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Format: 2CD
Catalog: I.T.F. 001/002
Misc.: audience recording
Produced:<no info>
Date: 770706
Matrix: Disc: 1
Disc: 2
Cover: Discs: The discs themselves are silver and simply have "Montrewall" and "disc 1" on them. "disc 2" on the second disc.
Sources: 06 Jul 1977, Olympic Stadium, Montreal, Canada
Hires-coverscans: fireworks_show_canada.back.1.jpg
MP3-Soundsample: <no info>


      Disc: 1
       1. Sheep
       2. Pigs On The Wing Pt.1
       3. Dogs
       4. Pigs On The Wing Pt.2
       5. Pigs
       6. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts. 1-5
       7. Welcome To The Machine

      Disc: 2
       1. Have A Cigar
       2. Wish You Were Here
       3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts. 6-9
       4. Money
       5. Us & Them
       6. Blues

      Roger Waters 
      Nick Mason 
      David Gilmour 
      Rick Wright 

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Comments: Alternative title "Montrewall"?

This in my opinion is the best 77 show recording. All instruments are more equally leveled then on the Oakland show that has too much bass. The performance is much better than the Oakland or Fort Worth shows. Roger complains at the audience during pigs on the wing Pt. 2 and the famous taunting the audience member during the best version of pigs I have heard. even though this is a hard to find disc I would recommend searching for it because it is more enjoyable than any other 77 recordings out there. -LEE

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