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Format: CD3
Catalog: SONIC.002
Misc.: SIAE
Produced: Book: Italy, CD: Austria (1996)
Date: 660000
Matrix: DADC AUSTRIA IFPI L553 A0100198726-0101 13 A2
Cover: CD packaged in plain white cardboard sleeve; accompanies a jewel box-sized booklet about Syd entitled "A Fish Out of Water."
Sources: 1966, Studio
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       1. (I'm a) King Bee               2:56
       2. Lucy Leave                     3:07
                 Total                   6:05

      Syd Barrett 
      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason

Comments: Regarded by some as the best available transcriptions of these early demos to appear so far. The accompanying book contains an interesting interview with Syd's sister Rosemary Breen (dated 15Aug95), a psychoanalytical discussion of Syd's state, and some intriguing reproductions of Syd's own artwork. The interview appears to have been translated from English into Italian and back again! This makes for some problematic language in places, but this flaw should not discourage the serious collector - the material contained here is unique. - THE HEDONIST

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