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Format: CD
Catalog: BIG 095 Big Music
Misc.: BBC Broadcast
Produced:<no info>
Date: 700916
Cover: Close-up color photo of a human eye (profile). Back has blurry photo of band standing (posing) ca. 1969.
Sources: 16 Sep 1970, Paris Theatre, London, Sept. 16, 1970
Hires-coverscans: <no info>
MP3-Soundsample: <no info>


       1. Atom Heart Mother           24:54
       2. If                           4:57
       3. The Embryo                  10:14
       4. Green is the Colour          3:23
       5. Careful w/that Axe, Eugene   7:27

      Roger Waters 
      David Gilmour
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason

Xref:<no info>
  • Sup.
  • Good/VG -Scott
  • Sup -MT
Comments: Big Music is basically KTS. Absolutely nothing new here.

Yet another release of the John Peel broadcast, this one is very close if not identical in sound quality to the Swingin' Pig version. The booklet is multi-fold with psychedelically enhanced photo of Dave, Nick and Roger in various states of performance. -ANON

Excellent sound quality. Not a very inspired performance. Atom Heart Mother is the orchestra version and is horrendous when compared to the band only version. This is the first performance of the song under the official title of AHM. The cd lacks the between song commentary by John Peel that is on my taped source. Given that half this disc is taken up by the orchestrated AHM, this title is not really worth getting, unless you like the orchestra version of AHM. -Scott

Though the back cover claims "Live in Europe 1971", this is almost certainly a (digital?) copy of TSP's Libest Spacement Monitor disc from the Paris Theatre, Sept. 16, 1970 (with the tracks re-arranged and an incorrect back-cover date). As such it has the same breathtakingly clean sound, courtesy of the BBC, and is easily the cleanest-sounding RoIO I have heard (though overall I prefer "One of These Days"). There are only a few minor blemishes -- an 8-second dropout of one channel on CWTAE (which is present on LSM but not native to the original source material -- cf. "Total Eclipse", where it is mistakenly listed as part of "Top Gear" -- so perhaps someday some enterprising RoIO maker could "patch" the hole [hint, hint] ;-); a "scritch" sound five minutes or so into AHM; and an oddly fuzzy timbre, like an radio not quite in tune, to Roger's guitar (but not his vocals) on If (on which Dave also has some sort of guitar trouble). But these only stand out because of the extremely high quality of the sound (an *unequivocal* Sup), and you have to listen pretty carefully to hear the vinyl mastering. The speed is perfect and the hiss is just about nonexistent. While perhaps the performance is less inspired than some (though I don't agree with Scott that AHM is "horrendous"), the performance is technically excellent, and Embryo and GitC/CWTAE are very strong (Dave doesn't miss any high notes!). In a nutshell, this could easily have been a legit release. Every time I play this disc for a friend, when I tell them it's a RoIO, their jaws drop :-) Assuming you don't have LSM or a comparable source, snap this cookie up (especially as I've seen it selling for as little as $19). -- MT

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