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Format: CD
Catalog: PLR CD 9413/AB, Pluto Records
Misc.: Distributed by Great Dane, audience
Produced: Italy 1994, ADD
Date: 940414
Cover: Square fold-out deluxe digipack and booklet. Now also available in a standard jewel box.
Sources: 14 Apr 1994, Jack Murphy Stadium, San Diego
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      Disc 1:
       1. Astronomy Domine                        4:50
       2. Learning To Fly                         5:12
       3. What Do You Want From Me                4:30
       4. A Great Day For Freedom                 4:54
       5. Sorrow                                  9:48
       6. Take It Back                            6:05
       7. On The Turning Away                     7:08
       8. Keep Talking                            6:50
       9. One Of These Days                       6:00
      10. Shine On You Crazy Diamond             10:40
      11. Breathe                                 2:55
      12. Time                                    5:40
      13. Breathe (reprise)                       1:10

      Disc 2:
       1. High Hopes                              8:08
       2. Wish You Were Here                      5:45
       3. Another Brick In The Wall (part 2)      6:15
       4. The Great Gig In The Sky                5:00
       5. Us And Them                             7:40
       6. Money                                   8:05
       7. Comfortably Numb                        8:34
       8. Hey You                                 4:25
       9. Run Like Hell                           7:32

      David Gilmour
      Nick Mason
      Richard Wright

      Tim Renwick
      Guy Pratt
      Gary Wallis
      Jon Carin
      Dick Parry
      Durga Mc Broom
      Sam Brown
      Claudia Fontaine

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Comments: Complete Concert. The bass is very strong and one can hear the sub bass. The Equalization is nearly the same as it is in the concert. So the sound is very good if you listen to this record at a high volume, but the bass is too strong at low volume. -PATRICK

Sound quality is between very good and excellent. The person who made the recording did a good job and was well centered. Stereo separation is good.

I can compare this only to the concert I attended (12 July, Chicago) but it compares well. The only other fair comparison is to "A Delicate Sound of Thunder" and IMHO it is a close second in quality. I have not heard "Live Bell" and probably won't so I can't make that comparison. Since Floyd is the only group or performer I like live better than the studio I think this package is great IMHO. -ANON

Assuming this CD is from the same source as the tapes I have, this one is better in sound quality and overall enjoyability then The Live Bell. -GERHARD

"For Whom the Bell Tolls" is very good; actually, I feel that there's a subtle "odd" quality to the "inspiration & improvisation" on this one, that makes it pleasantly unusual; I'll give it a 7+ or 8 here. This one also has excellent fidelity and stereo separation (cover says ADD, but the excellent booklet that comes with it indicates that it was recorded on a DAT machine, so it may in fact be DDD); I'll give it a 9+ or 10 for fidelity and stereo. No close audience noise. No noticable ROIO flaws, except for a split second of minor distortion a few times throughout the openning and closing parts of the song "Sorrow". The packaging is unusual and superb; you'll be amused for an hour or longer by the stuff to read and look at, some of which requires a magnifying lens. The standard show (no DSoTM set). It's San Diego, 14 Apr 94. Find this one too. -ECHOES

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