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Format: 2CD
Catalog: PF 001/002
Misc.: audience recording
Produced: 1994
Date: 940403
Cover: The artwork is an audience shot, with the metal heads on either side top of the picture.
Sources: 03 Apr 1994, San Antonio. Disc says Live in San Antnio (yes, it says Antnio) 2 Apr 1994
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      Disc 1: 
       1. Asronomy Domine
       2. Learning to Fly
       3. What Do You Want From Me
       4. Poles Apart
       5. Sorrow
       6. Tack It Back
       7. Lost For Words
       8. Keep Talking
       9. On the Turning Away
      10. Shine On You Crazy Diamond

      Disc 2:
       1. Breathe in the Air
       2. Time
       3. Breathe in the Air reprise
       4. High Hopes
       5. Wish You Were Here
       6. One Of These Days
       7. The Great Gig In The Sky
       8. Us and Them
       9. Money
      10. Comfortably Numb
      11. Hey You
      12. Run Like Hell

      David Gilmour
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason

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Comments: Apparently a "well done analog recording" spoilt by tape drag towards the end of the tape. -THE HEDONIST

The sound quality is not excellent by any means but I thought it was worth the 39.00 (USD?) I spent. It seems to be an audience recording and sounded quite like being there. I have no other roio so I have nothing to compare it to.

It is a double Cd set, the first set being Forever, the second being Ever, and is marked for promotional use only not for sale. No indication of manufacturer, just pf-001 on one cd, and pf-002 on the other. pf-001/2 on the cover. -ANON

The track listing is somewhat unique, with OOTD in the middle of the second set, and both PA and LFW included. The CDs also have the tracks listed on them, but with a slight twist: the titles are reworded (eg, Sorrow is listed as "Sadness", On the Turning Away as "Far Away", Time as "The Clocks"). The sound quality is good for an analog recording (good bass, not much hiss), but the person doing the recording seemed to get the mike muffled every now and then, and the tape warbles for the second half of the second CD. -STU

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