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Format: CD
Catalog: GM 89031 Golden Memories
Misc.: Studio outakes
Produced: Italy 1989
Date: 7206
Cover: Front: A very cloudy earth as seen from the moon. Top righthand corner : "Pink Floyd". Bottom lefthand corner: "from the OTHER SIDE". Back: At the bottom of the back cover it says: GOLDEN MEMORIES SIAE 89031 ITALY 1989
Sources: Jun 1972, Studio. rehearsals for DSoTM.
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      1. Time (alternate version)                     6:06
      2. Brain Damage (alternate version)             3:25
      3. Us And Them (alternate version)              5:29
                                         Total time: 15:02

      Roger Waters*
      David Gilmour*
      Rick Wright*
      Nick Mason*

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  • Sup (studio) -PIET
  • Sup -TOR
Comments: Here is what is said on the back cover of the disk....


TIME--no solo lead guitar after "started gun" Breathe reprise

BRAIN DAMAGE--no laughing on fade up..."lunatic is in my head" fade up is different from what precedes on record (which is chorus instead of instrumental section)..."if cloud burst..." has lead guitar not on voice speech in next section, but lead guitar instead...lead guitar on end after "dark side of the moon."

US AND THEM--sax solo at the beginning has a different ending... no echo on voice...sax continues under voice into second verse.. into "forward he cried"...and next verse, "black and blue" (record starts at "who's who" and goes to "up and down")... sax continues into "up and down" verse and into "haven't you heard" with no voice over. On the record the sax is the same take but just mixed in and out. -DAN

Nice altenate versions of three DSoTM tracks. -PIET

Very interesting versions of Time, Brain Damage/Eclipse and Us And Them. I wonder where they got their hands on these, if then this is not just the two extra chanals mixed out of the quad mix of the album? I really don't know. Brain Damage sounds a bit like the one heard in the Pompeii movie. -TOR

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