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Format: CD
Catalog: OCTO 033-034, Octopus / Why Not ? S.r.I.
Misc.: Picture CD's, SIAE, Audience, slim double jewel case.
Produced: Italy, 1994
Date: 940717
Cover: Front : Purple looking stage shot, back has sky with blimp Booklet : Mostly (all?) pictures from the Tour-book Nice Picture CD's : one with the Marooned Whales/Sea shells, one with the picture from the tourbook with the cut-up different format heads.
Sources: 17 Jul 1994, Recorded Live At Giants Stadium, East Rutherford New Jersey
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      Disc 1:
      1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5)                11:55
      2. Learning To Fly                                        6:05
      3. High Hopes                                             9:07
      4. Take It Back                                           6:40
      5. Coming Back To Life                                    6:11
      6. Sorrow                                                10:16
      7. Keep Talking                                           7:21
      8. Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)                     7:05
      9. One Of These Days                                      6:56
         Total                                                 70:42

      Disc 2:
      1. Breathe / On The Run                                   9:28
      2. Time / Breathe (reprise)                               6:48
      3. The Great Gig In The Sky                               5:11
      4. Money                                                  8:17
      5. Us And Them / Any Colour You Like                     10:05
      6. Brain Damage / Eclipse                                 6:33
      7. Wish You Were Here                                     6:14
      8. Comfortably Numb                                      10:06
      9. Run Like Hell                                          8:47
         Total                                                 71:34

      David Gilmour  Guitars, vocals
      Nick Mason     Drums
      Rick Wright    Keyboards, vocals

      Guy Pratt    Bass/vocals        Durga McBroom     Backing vocals
      Jon Carin    Keyboards/vocals   Sam Brown         Backing vocals
      Tim Renwick  Guitars            Claudia Fontaine  Backing vocals
      Gary Wallis  Percussion         Dick Parry        Saxophones

  • Ex -FRISO
  • Ex -PELLE
Comments: Very good audience recording of one of the first DSotM'94 Shows. The sound quality is at least as good as on 'The Live Bell', play it loud, close your eyes, and you are at Giants Stadium. Audience can be heard, but mainly inbetween songs. Very nice are Dave's comments after the DSotM-set, in wich he thanks Roger Waters! If you want a USA-DSotM'94 CD - get this one ! - FRISO

Quality is very good (sometimes lots of applause, but not irritating) and the performance is great. Lots of different solos, endings etc. The effects at the end of HH, TIB, KT, ABITW2, etc. are much more extended, and the band are kinda 'rushing' to get to the DSotM performance, which has a *very* good Any Colour You Like! Overall, a much better RoIO than Miami, performance-wise. One of the best 94-performances & RoIO's I've heard. -PIET

Giants at the Giants'" is a hot performance, and gets a 9 on the "inspiration & improvisation" factor. Excellent fidelity (I forget if the package says DDD, but it probably is) and stereo separation; I give it a 10 here too. However, PLEASE NOTE that the audience noise on this one is frequently close; there's an especially obnoxious fellow sitting one or two seats away whom I've come to think of as "Whistler's M*therf*cker"; he's obviously proud of the fact that he can stick his fingers in his face and blow a 19 kilohertz note at 120 decibels, and he does this in between *all* the songs, and occasionally during the subtle beginnings and endings of some songs; makes me want to reach through my speakers and strangle the stupid son of a bitch. Other than "Whistler's M*therf*cker", there are no noticable ROIO flaws of the usual types. Packaging is simple, but good; picture discs taken from TDB booklet. This is NOT the standard show; this one includes the entire DSoTM set. It's New Jersey on July 17, 1994. This one's also worth finding -- "mission from God". -ECHOES

This has to be one of the finest RoIOs I have ever not only heard, but seen, be it from Floyd or any other group. The sound is incredible, and, in my opinion, not too damn far from an official release. The person who recorded this one really knew what he/she was doing. What makes it complete is the tremendous packaging job on this - the CD's themselves look absolutely beautiful, the first is printed with the "Marooned" page from the US Division Bell CD bookelt, and the other looks like some sort of neat collage of sorts from the head sculptures. Dave's voice is at its finest, much improved over, say the Live Bell - and the DSOTM set is fantastic. The only sound dropoff I've noticed on this one so far occurs during CN when the ball makes its appearance. Who can blame the guy for turning around and getting a look, though? :) -ANONYMOUS

My delight turned sour when I realised how annoying the sound quality was. The problem was that the wind swirled the sound all over the place and left me feeling bloody gutted.. It was so unsatisfying to listen to. -ANON

This CD taught me not to listen to people who say "great sound quality" when they have no idea what they are talking about. It suffers from reverberation which washes out the vocals, and extremely annoying crowd noise e.g. "yo, yo, yo, yo! What do we see from the good seats?" in the middle of SOYCD really spoils it. And, some drunken/stoned moron who is trying to whistle louder than another individual in the same state. Quite a good performance though... - HAMISH

An interesting concert, one of the first with the DSOTM performance in the '94 tour. The quality is great, normal screaming of USA audience, but this is live. Another one not to let loose. - PELLE

An excellent show with DSotM. Yes, the "whistler" is annoying and hardly ever at rest, but you can't hear him during the songs. The sound quality is excellent. This could have been the definitive 1994 show, but the "whistler" ruined it. If the "whistler" is out there, next time give it a rest, the band can't hear you specifically! I was at this show and the band was in great shape. I was sitting to the side and I could feel the heat both from the band and from the effects during OoTD, smokin! RLH also includes a portion of The Who's My Generation, but I don't remember it from the show. Play it loud and it takes me back. Note, part of the CD matrix was scratched out on my copy. - JZ

Spoken Parts: (Thanks to PIET!)

After Learning To Fly: DG: "Thank you very much. Thank you. Good evening. And welcome to Giant's Stadium." "Right, we're gonna play some music now from our recent album, The Division Bell. A few surprises later-on, with a bit of luck. And this is High Hopes."

After One Of These Days: DG: "Thank you very much indeed. Thank you. We're gonna take a short break. We'll be back in fifteen minutes. Yes, thank you."

After the Dark Side suite, ie. after Eclipse: (some other voice ?) "We'll do along and do it very soon " ????? DG: "Thank you very much indeed. Thank you. Hope you enjoyed that! just a little somthing we knocked up this afternoon."

"Thank you very much indeed for coming out here tonight. We'll see you soon. Goodnight. A few thanks to Roger for this, but that's not what he wants. Goodnight."

After Run Like Hell: DG: "Thank you very much, thank you and goodnight. Thank you."

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