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Format: CD
Catalog: Guideline Live Music GLM-CD-001
Misc.: Picture Disc (Beach with Dog) Taken from a live-radio-show Made in EEC
Produced: 1991
Date: 871107
Cover: Black and White. Man with toilet water container instead of a head. Back: Tiles with one one title each tile. Single sheet, no foldout.
Sources: 07 Nov 1987, Quebec.
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       1. Radio Waves                      4:32
       2. Welcome To The Machine           7:06
       3. Money                            5:02
       4. In The Flesh                     3:31
       5. Have A Cigar                     3:13
       6. Pigs                             3:37
       7. Wish You Were Here               5:11
       8. Mother                           6:57
       9. Final Cut                        3:44
      10. If                               3:45
      11. The Power That Be                3:59
      12. Breath In The Air                3:28
      13. Brain Damage & Eclipe (Medley)   6:28
      14. Another Brick In The Wall        4:02
      15. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives   1:21
      16. Another Brick In The Wall        4:15
          Total:                          70:23

      Roger Waters 

  • Sup+ -HERWIG
Comments: You don't buy roios because their quality is often bad? Well, at least you are missing this one! You will have a hard time detecting _any_ unwanted noise, because there isn't any. Regard this as the official Live Recording from the KAOS tour and put it next to "The Wall - Live in Berlin" To rate quality and performance in one word: PERFECT! Unfortunately, the show seems to be incomplete ... -HERWIG

If this is indeed the same as 'Roger Waters and Bleeding Heart Band', then the Final Cut track is most likely Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert / Southampton Docks. It seems to have the same track listing, though also seems to be some 4 minutes shorter! -DAve

The track "The Final Cut" is indeed "Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert"/"Southampton Dock". The shorter playing time is probably explained by a minor speeding problem. I can't tell for sure since I haven't heard the Xrefs, but at least this record runs at a semi note higher than expected. I wouldn't really call this a problem, it's hardly noticeable. The sound quality is flawless and I think the performance is very much the same. At least Waters bothered to present some new arrangements, which - for me at least- is a welcome change from Gilmour's Greatest Hits offerings. Pigs is as charming as ever. -ANON

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