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Format: CD
Catalog: WMCD/117 (wonder music, the great pink hope)
Misc.: GEMA
Produced: 1993
Date: 721115
Cover: Lovely photo of Syd and the boys lifted from the Visual Documentary (Look in the October 1966 section. It's a full page color photo.) The best part is that the jewel case is tinted slightly green. From a distance, sitting next to other CDs, it almost seems to glow. Very cool. Back cover contains track-listing and the line "All tracks are early studio demos featuring SYD BARRETT" - "The Great Pink Hope" Mine didn't come with a green-tinted case. - HAMISH
Sources: 11 Jan 1967- 15Nov72 1: 1971, demos? 2: 1968, outtake for the "San Francisco" soundtrack 3: 11-12 Jan 1967, Sound Techniques Studios, London 4: 1968, single 5: 1968, regular album version 6: 15 Nov 1972, Boblingen
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      Disc:  1
       1. One Of These Days                                   11:53 
         - One Of These Days #1                               (4:55)
         - One Of These Days #2                               (6:58) 
       2. Interstellar Overdrive (Includes Zabriski Point 
          Announcement)                                       16:28 
         - Interstellar Overdrive                            (15:15) 
         - Oenone (extract)                                   (0:40) 
         - Flaming (extract)                                  (0:33) 
       3. Interstellar Overdrive                               3:05 
       4. It Would Be So Nice                                  3:45 
       5. Remember A Day                                       4:30 
       6. Looking Through The Knotholes In Granny's Wooden 
          Leg                                                 26:43 
          Total Time:                                         66:32 

      Syd Barrett
      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

  • Ex -ANDRE
Comments: The demo version of 'One Of These Days' is really weird. It seems more like two demos. The first part contains a deejay talking (there was somewhere mentioned that the song was 'dedicated' to some deejay, some member(s) of the floyd disliked). The second part starts of with the wind-sounds. The line chanted by Nick Mason 'one of these days I'm going to cut you into little pieces' is repeated over and over again.

It is 2 demos. The voice-over is Jimmy Youngs voice, to whom OotD is 'dedicated'. -GERHARD

The 'Zabriski announcement' really is an extract of 'Flaming' (just the first verse).

The first 'Interstellar' track seems to be taken from TLAMLIL. The second is probably an early single.

'Looking Through ...' is really 'echoes' but Roger does announces it as 'looking through ...'.

The statement on the back-side 'all track are early studio demos featuring Syd Barret' is a joke. Only track 2 and 3 will feature Syd and track 6 is a live-performance, not a studio demo. -ANDRE

All of the tracks on this disc were mastered from vinyl.

Tracks: (as they really are)

1. One Of These Days - This sounds like a very elaborate fake. It uses pieces of guitar and organ from the original song, adds several nifty new sound effects (including someone endlessly repeating the title throughout), and just generally sounds little like the original. It is a dandy cover version, though.

2. Interstellar Overdrive - Although I haven't made it my business to memorize all of the various versions of this song that have appeared over the years, I would suggest that this cut is most likely the same as the one appearing on the Tonight Let's All Make Love In London soundtrack CD. The mysterious phrases on the booklet "(Includes) Zabriski Point Announcement" actually seem to refer to a few seconds of "Flaming" which appear on the end of this track. Don't ask me why - I haven't the slightest idea.

3. Interstellar Overdrive - One of the segments of IO appearing on the original vinyl version of the TLAMLIL soundtrack.

4. It Would Be So Nice - This is the main reason that I bought this disc. I thought that perhaps someone had finally located a mix of this tune which contained the alternate lyrics. For those of you who don't know, there is a phrase in the song which mentions the "Daily Standard". However, there is (supposedly) a version in which the phrase is "Evening Standard". The versions on the Shine On Box, the Total Eclipse Box, Early Singles (RoIO, pre-Shine On), Last Screams, and Granny Takes A Trip all say "Daily Standard". If you know of any way of locating the "Evening Standard" version, please let me in on the secret.....

5. Remember A Day - This is probably the best song on the CD. Unfortunately, it's the same version that appears on A Saucerful of Secrets. Personally, given the choice, I'd go with ASoS any day.

6. Looking Through The Knotholes in Granny's Wooden Leg - This is really Echoes. Roger introduces it in jest. It is from a near classic RoIO recording taken from the November 15, 1972 gig in Boblingen (Germany). This is a superb Echoes. It's probably worth buying the CD for if you can't get the whole 15 Nov 1972 gig on a disc.

To the best of my ability to say, Syd Barrett actually does appear on tracks 2,3 and 5. However, the only place we hear his voice is in the snippet of "Flaming" at the end of track 2.

Syd clearly did not have anything to do with "One Of These Days" (which was written at least two years after he'd left the band). He had nothing to do with "It Would Be So Nice", regardless of the lyrical content. It should be obvious to anyone that Syd had nothing to do with a concert that took place in late 1972.

This disk, even with it's cool green jewel case and excellent choice of Echoes, fails to live up to it's promise. When I first tried to order this CD, it had already gone out of stock. I called back, figuring that I'd be laughed at again. Luckily, they'd gotten a new shipment. I was overjoyed! I counted the days until it finally arrived, ripped it out of the package, slapped it into my CD player, and settled back to listen to my new-found "early demos". I am now pretty disappointed. I suppose I'll just have to listen to Magnesium Proverbs and forget about my $30 green turkey.

Here's the description from the catalog: "features rare studio outtakes of "One Of These Days", Original Tonite... version of "Interstellar Overdrive" w/ fade-out, BBC version of "It Would Be So Nice" with different lyric; plus more" - SCOTT

In reference to One of These Days:

I don't know why Scott thinks it's probably fake. There are aspects of the production that suggest it's PF - access to the required backing tapes, for instance. -THE HEDONIST

I don't think they are fakes. Though, you never know do you? -TOR

Again, I seriously doubt that the two versions of One of These Days are fake. They way they are mixed correlates well with descriptions of how it was played live in the early days. It is cool that they include two versions of OOTD on the same track - an unexpected bonus. The second mix is closer to the final one. There is no evidence of audience noise, so maybe OOTD is actually a studio demo. And, Echoes was actually called "Looking...." at one stage of its evolution. Another bonus is track 2 is roughly 10 minutes longer than the time listed in the liner notes. IO is taken from TLAMLIL vinyl (popping in the background) but is faded out less than half way through). The complete pristine copy (17 minutes) is available on ROLO. - HAMISH

This roio appears to be a bad attempt at copying the Sophisticated Colours roio, or possibly even a vinyl roio that may have originated both CDs. Going on timing info, Interstellar Overdrive, OOTD, and Looking Through the Knotholes in Granny's Wooden Leg are the same as on SC. SC also contains tracks called "Zabriskie Point" and "Announcement". Granny Takes a Trip says Interstellar Overdrive, contains Zabriskie Point then it says Announcement on the next line (inferring that it is part of IO) of the liner notes - HAMISH.

The first Interstellar (the long one) is not from TLAMLIL but from the soundtrack to the 1968 movie 'A Day In The Live Of San Fransisco'. Same track can be found on the roios : Rhamadam - Syd Barret And The Dawn Of Pink Floyd, Dark Globe - Syd Barret And The Dawn Of Pink Floyd). - ANDRE

Track 1 contains the 2 demos of "One Of These Days". Some people think they are fake, because they sound very far from the definitive version on "Meddle". But, IMHO, they are true Floyd outtakes, probably recorded at the very beginning of the song's elaboration. One can see the progression, the way the song evolved. The first take contains the basic ideas: the double bass riff, some keyboards chords, Nick Mason's "one of these days I'm going to cut you into little pieces" repeated all through the song, and Jimmy Youngs talking in the background. The Jimmy Youngs spoken parts were in fact used by Pink Floyd during the 1974 shows, to introduce "Raving And Drooling" (which later became "Sheep"). The second demo was obviously recorded after the first one, because some new elements were added: the winding intro... These demos are in stereo, and sound is Ex.

Track 2 contains 3 different parts. The main part is the studio version of "Interstellar Overdrive" recorded for the 1968 movie "A Day in the Life of San Francisco". It lasts more than 15 minutes, and it's often referred as a "fast version", because the guitars and drums during the intro were recorded at low speed, so that they sound very fast when the song is played at correct speed. Some other RoIOs wrongly claim this is a live version from May 8th 1966. The sound quality is Ex, but it's mono.

Then we have 40 seconds of a strange instrumental part that looks like an extract from "Oenone", one of the famous outtakes from the "Zabriskie Point" sessions. This partly explains why the tracklist contains "Zabriski Point Announcement". But, after hearing it very carefully, and trying to compare it to the "Oenone" outtake, I realized that this one is a little bit different. So, maybe this comes from the "Oenone" rehearsals, but it's definitely a TRUE RARITY! It has also similarities with the instrumental keyboards part in the middle of "Set The Controls", the way the Floyd played this song live in 1971 ("Pompeii" and concerts from late '71). Stereo. Ex.

The last part is the 1st verse of "Flaming" (the album version, not the alternate mix). I don't see why it appears here!...

Track 3 is the 3 minutes extract of "Interstellar Overdrive" that appears on the initial release of the "Tonite Let's All Make Love In London" soundtrack. So it fades out early, and was dubbed from vinyl. Sound is Ex/Sup mono.

"It Would Be So Nice" is the mono version that appears on "The Pink Floyd Early Singles". Mastered from vinyl (maybe the "Masters Of Rock" compilation). Sup

"Remember A Day" is the regular stereo version, taken from "A Saucerful Of Secrets", but apparently mastered from vinyl! Sup

Track 6 is in fact "Echoes", from an excellent stereo audience recording of the 1972 Boblingen performance. Roger Waters introduced the song by saying the title "Looking through the knotholes in granny's wooden leg" (probably a working title for "Echoes" during the "Meddle" rehearsals). Ex.


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