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Format: 2CD
Catalog: BZBX 017/18 Banzai
Misc.: Audience Recording, STEREO, S.I.A.E
Produced: (P) 1994, Made In ITALY
Date: 940330
Cover: Booklike cover. Cover is mainly green. Four statues are shown. Frontside has a yellow border. Pink Floyd is written with tall, black letters. Below Pink Floyd there is a yellow pig/face symbol. At the bottom the title A Great Day is written with tall, yellow letters. Backside has the tracklist. When you open the cover, the discs are placed on the right side, and a booklet on the left side. The booklet cover is the same as the CD cover. All the pages have a picture of the airship, except the middle which has overview picture of the stage. Pages 2 & 3 have the tracklist. Page 5 lists some facts about the airship. Page 6 lists the band. Most of the pages have one or two smaller pictures from the show, and they also contain an early version of the tour dates. The CDs has some graphics which I can't figure out.
Sources: 30 Mar 1994, Recorded Live at Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami, USA
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      Disc 1
        1. Astronomy Domine (Barrett)                          3:56
        2. Learning To Fly (Gilmour/Moore/Ezrin/Carin)         5:14
        3. What Do You Want From Me (Gilmour/Wright/Samson)    4:16
        4. Take It Back (Gilmour/Samson/Ezrin/Laird-Clowes)    6:12
        5. Lost For Words (Gilmour/Samson)                     6:09
        6. Sorrow (Gilmour)                                    9:47
        7. A Great Day For Freedom (Gilmour/Samson)            5:00
        8. Keep Talking (Gilmour/Wright/Samson)                6:58
        9. One Of These Days (Waters/Gilmour/Wright/Mason)     6:10
       10. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Gilmour/Wright/Waters) 11:30
       11. Breathe (Gilmour/Waters/Wright)                     2:50
       12. Time/Breathe Reprise (Gilmour/Wright/Waters/Mason)  7:05
           Total                                              75:09
      Disc 2
        1. High Hopes (Gilmour/Samson)                         8:07
        2. Wish You Were Here (Gilmour/Waters)                 6:24
        3. Another Brick In The Wall (Waters)                  6:28
        4. The Great Gig In The Sky (Waters/Gilmour)           4:41
        5. Us And Them (Waters/Wright)                         7:59
        6. Money (Waters)                                      9:01
        7. Comfortably Numb (Gilmour/Waters)                   8:51
        8. Hey You (Waters)                                    4:38
        9. Run Like Hell (Gilmour/Waters)                      7:25
       10. Astronomy Domine (Take 1) (Barrett)                 4:03
       11. Astronomy Domine (Take 2) (Barrett)                 5:15
           Total                                              72:54

      David Gilmour    - Guitar & Vocals
      Nick Mason       - Drums
      Rick Wright      - Keyboards & Vocals

      Jon Carin      Keyboards/Vocals   Tim Renwick       Guitars/Vocals
      Guy Pratt      Bass/Vocals        Gary Wallis       Percussions
      Dick Parry     Saxophones         Sam Browne        Backing vocals
      Durga McBroom  Backing vocals     Claudia Fontaine  Backing vocals

  • Ex -PELLE
Comments: The two takes of Astronomy Domine on disc two are probably taken from the soundcheck. The disc ends with some words from Dave. The sound is overall good. During quieter parts the crowd can be a bit irritating. You hear talking an stuff like that. But since it is a live recording, it is a part of the recording. Breathe has a SHORT version of Speak To Me. Shine On You Crazy Diamond is parts 1-5. Another Brick In The Wall is extracts from part 1 plus extracts of The Happiest Days Of Our Lives and part 2. The Great Gig In The Sky is mis-credited. According to DSOTM, it's written by Wright

A Great Day has better sound quality than the 1994 West Coast Trip -ANON.

I just picked up a copy of A Great Day and I was very impressed for a ROIO. I think I might like it better than Pulse b/c you hear the crowd responding to those special parts of the concert. Plus there are a few tracks not on Pulse -ANON

An amazing performance, great package and an excellent sound quality, what do you want more? I think this is one to have at all costs. -PELLE

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