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Format: CD Country: Made in Italy
Catalog: TB 35 (Teddy Bear Records) Label: Teddy Bear records
Produced: Mady in Italy, 1994
Date: 720312
Cover: Front: It has stars and a sun eclipsed by a moon. On the top it has PINK FLOYD, and on the left side of the moon, it says 'The great gig on the moon' Back: At the top it has the title, then it has 'Recorded live in Sapporo, Japan, on March 12th, 1972'. Then it has the songs, and it finishes with 'Distributed by DIES IRAE RECORDS,s.r.l' etc..... Booklet: The booklet as two pages, and in the inside it as a picture of the concert, and the name of the members of the band. Disc: The CD itself has a picture of an eclipse and a comet.
Sources: 12 Mar 1972, Recorded live in Sapporo, Japan.
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       1. Eclipse suite                   47:03 
        a) Speak to me                     2:04 
        b) Breathe                         5:13
        c) On the run                      3:30               
        d) Time                            9:06
        e) The great gig in the sky        3:25
        f) Money                           6:25 
        g) Us and them                     3:00 
        h) Any colour you like             3:05
        i) Brain damage                    4:03
        j) Eclipse                         7:12
       2. One of these days               10:25
       3. Carefull with that axe, Eugene  12:35
          Total:                          70:05

      David Gilmour
      Roger Waters
      Richard Wright
      Nick Mason

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  • Ex+ -RICARDO
Comments: The times of the songs on the back cover, are different from the the times on the CD, and the real times. On the CD, there are some errors on the separation of the songs.

BRILLIANT!!!! On the Run is completly different, and The Great Gig is also different (the beggining of TGGiTS seems like the end of SOS, when R.Wright plays beautiful chords on the organ,then there is something said, and then it's like the early years, like Interstelar Overdrive ).

D.G. and R.Wright sing at the same time in 'Time', but the melody they sing is different from the one on DSoTM. Also, R.Wright instead of saying "Tired of lying in the sunshine..." says something like "Lying supine in the sunshine..."

The initial effects of 'Money' are different.

'Brain Damage' is not complete: they don't sing the second part from "The lunatic is in my head..." to "I'll see you on the dark side of the moon." -RICARDO

My copy was the Psychedelicmania show of 29 April 1970. Apparently, there has been reports of people with the same problem, and the reverse -- buying Psychedelicmania and getting Great Gig on the Moon. In other words, try before you buy, if you can. I got this at a convention, so I'll just have to bitch to Teddy Bear Records ... -ANONYMOUS

This is great, excellent recording. Some audience talking in quiet bits -- my Japanese isn't good enough to hear what is being said. A few problems with timing when two or more vocal lines at the same time, but nothing too annoying. Love the guitar jam version of On The Run. Very atmospheric version of CWtA,E. Excellent, recommended. -KeithC

The best 72 cd I know of. Far better than TSP's, Best of Tour 72. This is one you don't want to let get away as long as you get the right cd. - Greg

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