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Format: CD
Catalog: RSC CD 018, Oil Well Records.
Misc.: SIAE, ADD
Produced: 7/1993
Date: 690917
Cover: The four members of the band emerge from a cracked egg, which is in fact a man's head.
Sources: 17 Sep 1969, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam.
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      1. Granchester Meadows                           7:39
      2. Biding My Time                                5:23
      3. The Grand Vizier's Garden Party/Part 3-Exit   1:25
      4. Cymbaline                                    12:49
      5. Green Is The Colour                           6:34
      6. Careful With That Axe, Eugene                 6:16
      7. The Narrow Way/Part 3                         5:08

      Nick Mason (drums)
      David Gilmour (guitar)
      Roger Waters (bass)
      Richard Wright (keyboards)

Xref: Landscape, The Last Gadgets Of Oxyminus, The Man & The Journey, 8th RD From The Moon, Amsterdam '69
  • VG+ -PELLE
  • VG? -ANDRE
Comments: 'Green is the Color' has the exaxt same track list as 'Amsterdam '69'. I've heard a little part of it, and the sound quality seems rather good. Since I've never heard 'Amsterdam 69' I cannot compare these two, but I think they were from the same gig. -ANDRE

A reissue of 'Amsterdam '69' (TSP) with a new cover and new title. - ANON

Excellent performance, from every point of view. The sound quality has been improved respect to the vinyl release. Interesting document of a period in which improvisation played a great role. Highly recommended. -PELLE

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