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Format: CD
Catalog: ROTA 05 Rotation
Misc.: GEMA
Produced: 1993
Date: 870919
Cover: Insert: Front - pair of hands holding head of statue; Reverse - view of Earth and Moon from Earth orbit with playlist overlay. Tray liner: Pair of hands holding head of statue (image processed); playlist and source info.
Sources: 19 Sep 1987, JFK Stadium in Philadelphia.
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      Echoes (intro missing)                18:23
      Signs of Life                          4:54
      Learning to Fly                        5:51
      Yet Another Movie/Round and Around     8:46
      New Machine Pt. I                      1:41
      Terminal Frost                         6:03
      New Machine Pt. II                     0:35
      Sorrow (edit during intro)             7:15
      Dogs of War                            8:19
      On the Turning Away                    9:20
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

      Guy Pratt      Bass           Margret Taylor Backing Vocals
      Jon Carin      Keyboards      Rachel Fury    Backing Vocals
      Tim Renwick    Guitar         
      Gary Wallis    Percussion     
      Scott Page     Saxophones/guitar

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Comments: It has the entire first set of the concert, INCLUDING ECHOES! Actually, Echoes is faded in during the first verse. Otherwise, its complete. Gilmour talks to the crowd a little, too. Sound quality is decent for the most part.

I think the tape speed may be a little slow, unfortunately. Either that or they're playing a bit slower because it was early in the tour and the new version of the Floyd hadn't quite jelled yet. Also, there is a tape hiss throughout the disc. -ANONYMOUS

Massive tape hiss and a lousy recording. Much better versions of this are being circulated in tape trader's circles. Avoid this one like the plague. -LIVE MUSIC REVIEW

Sound quality could be better. It's clearly a soundboard source (presumably the one referred to in "Journey Through Time & Space With PF"), but unfortunately of very high generation - the tape hiss is overwhelming in places. - THE HEDONIST

Sound quality is acceptable, but unfortunately, Echoes is cut off at the beginning; it starts at the beginning of the second verse, and there is a one-second "clip" at the end of the song. Otherwise a good CD, though, especially in light of the fact that this contains the only Echoes on CD I have seen from the 1987 tour. (It was not played in 1988 or 1989.) -ECM

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