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Format: 2CD
Catalog: HL 097/098#PF3 Highland
Misc.:<no info>
Produced: (p) 1997, (c) 1997, Highland
Date: 750628
Matrix: Disc 1: IFPI IC72 HL097 517320 IFPI L601
Disc 2: IFPI IC02 HL098 517325 IFPI L601
Cover: Slim double jewel case. Single two-sided front insert says PINK FLOYD -- HOLES IN THE SKY at top on outside with picture of band on stage in top half and man standing in hot springs on bottom half (from WYWH postcard); on inside of front cover is picture of inflated pig from 1977 tour, with names of four Floyds and their instruments. Back cover is also a single insert printed front and back; inside has same picture of band on stage; outside has pig from 1977 tour with set list and times, also says "Recorded live at Ivor Wynne Stadium, Hamilton, Canada, 6/28/75", and white Highland logo in bottom right corner. Discs: The CDs are painted grey with black letters, HIGHLAND above the hole, and HOLES IN THE SKY below the hole.
Sources: 28 Jun 1975, Ivor Wynne Stadium, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
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      Disc:  1
       1. Raving And Drooling                                 12:43 
       2. You've Got To Be Crazy                              13:40 
       3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (1-5)                    12:32 
       4. Have A Cigar                                         5:02 
       5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (6-9)                    12:00 
       6. Speak To Me                                          3:03 
       7. Breathe                                              3:00 
       8. On The Run                                           5:00 
       9. Time                                                 7:03 
          Total Time:                                         74:06 

      Disc:  2
       1. The Great Gig In The Sky                             6:03 
       2. Money                                                9:12 
       3. Us and Them                                          7:16 
       4. Any Color You Like                                   9:17 
       5. Brain Damage                                         3:52 
       6. Eclipse                                              2:08 
       7. Echoes                                              26:23 
          Total Time:                                         64:14 

      Roger Waters 
      Nick Mason 
      David Gilmour 
      Rick Wright 

  • Ex+ - Sup -TS
  • Vg/Ex -PHIL
Comments: Echoes with saxophone - INGO

Stereo audience recording; stereo separation and sweeping stereo effects, sounds like this person was sitting near the center of the quad matrix; it has been sourced either from tape or from digitally de-clicked vinyl.

There are a few drop outs, but overall this is an excellent recording of a hot show, the most inspired 1975 show I've heard. It's the complete show, and the stereo effects are great. The audience is fairly quiet throughout most of the show, but there's some audience noise near the end of the encore "Echoes." Apparently some recordings of this show are too fast, but this one is only about two cents (cycles per second) flat/slow, so there is no noticable problem with speed; someone may have taken the effort to speed-correct the recording. In querrying the Echoes community, I discovered that there is some debate over whether or not this recording is really the Ivor Wynne 1975 show; however, this is definitely the show that has been circulating under that name for the past 20+ years; and it is also definitely a 1975 show from sometime after early-June. - CHOKSY

This was the last show of the tour, except for the Knebworth Benefit Concert on July 5, 1975.

Have A Cigar has incorrect spelling on the package, and the last line Roger sings, before SOYCD (6-9), is repeated. It seems the equipment they used skipped at this point. Time and Breath (Reprise) are indexed together. I have listened to the show once thus far, but will rate it the best show of '75 currently available on disc. I have Random Precision, Boston Gardens, and the Azimuth Coordinator Pt. 1, and this show is extremely more enjoyable to listen to. All of the instruments, especially Dave, who IMHO has and EXCELLENT night, are very clear, and the tape effects are clear as well. The band seems very loose and seem to be enjoying the show. Dark Side gets an extemely well received applause. Another down side is that during the Seagulls effects in Echoes, the audience keeps yelling, telling people to sit down. This is the only point in which the audience becomes annoying, at least to me.

As big a fan of GDR as I am, I will rate this show over Random Precision and Boston Gardens. As of now I believe it to be the best '75 show available. - TS

A great recording of an excellent performance. There is one or two sloppy edits, but nothing to complain about, as nothing appears to be edited out. The sound is very full and clear with next to no hiss. The mix is not perfect, although it is very well balanced. You couldn't expect much more from an audience recording from the mid 70's. The crowd is a little rowdy, but mainly only between songs, hence it is not intrusive. IMHO this show is clearly superior to the Boston Show found on "Crazy Diamonds" (which is considered by many to be the definitive '75 show), and it is possibly the best '75 show I've heard, considering both the performance and sound quality. I would highly recommend this cd. - PHIL

Unusual cover notes and track listings: You're Got To Be Crazy Have A Cidar David Gilmour - Bass Guitar Roger Waters - Guitars - INGO

SOYCD is labeled as Parts 1-4 and parts 5-9. Any Colour...has a drop out at 6:51 and last until 6:54. This does not take away from it much, being the best version I have heard. This show definetly showcases Rick and Dave. All songs are clear. I, personally, am not a big fan of the sax solo's in Echoes that was performed during the '75 tour, but it is still a great version. - TS

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