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Format: 2CD + VHS
Catalog: TOP PF-72010D
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Produced: Japan
Date: 720310
Matrix: Disc 1:
Cover: Dark picture of Dave and Rog circa 1970 on stage. Pink Floyd on top in Pink. home again in lower case, white but with large 'h' and 'a'. There is a Coke-like "ribbon device" under the text. "an excellent stereo recording" in pink in a circle lower right.
Sources: 10 Mar 1972, KYOTO TAIIKUKAN, KYOTO, JAPAN VHS Sources: Track 1 - 6 or 7 Aug 1971, Hakone Aphrodite Track 2 - 29 Apr 1970 Filmore SF Track 3 - Making of the Wall Film
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      Disc:  1
       1. Speak To Me 
       2. Breathe 
       3. On The Run 
       4. Time & Breathe Reprise 
       5. The Great Gig In The Sky 
       6. Money 
       7. Us And Them 
       8. Any Colour You Like 
       9. Brain Damage 
      10. Eclipse            

      Disc:  2
       1. One Of These Days 
       2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 
       3. Echoes            
       1. Atom Heart Mother
       2. Cymbaline
       3. The Wall 

      Roger Waters 
      Nick Mason 
      David Gilmour 
      Rick Wright 

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Comments: I find recordings from the Japan '72 tour to be considerably better than the recycled Feb. 17, '72 show in London. In particularly this one. First off, it contains the entire DSotM! Us and Them isn't hacked (nor is Time or Brain Damage), and Eclipse is not faded. The sound quality is VG+ to Ex for this time period, and the polite Japanese crowd is felt but not heard. Furthermore, OotD is the best I've heard. Listening to it, you are moved with its rapid drive. This version is especially unique because they begin experimenting with their electronics during the 'Dr. Who' section to generate this 'race car' sound which zips around your head. Check it out.

The video has nice footage, but I'm skeptical about the sourcing. The live footage to "AHM" does not correspond to the music (your lips move, but i can't hear what your saying!...and just how does Dave make those guitar sounds without moving his hands?). Cymbaline is credited to be from the Fillmore, but it looks more like the BBC/Top Gear studio. No complaints about The Making of the Wall. But again, nice to see images different from the Miles book." - PIG1DO

The recording is extremely distant, but sounds OK if you wear a good set of headphones. Vocals are loud enough, yet hardly any drums.

Performance wise, a strong one. The band does a great OTR and Money has some trouble at the beginning (enjoyable, though).

Its not a must have, but since it's the only RoIO of that show it's worth having in your collection. - Toddstar

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