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Format: CD
Catalog: LR CD 15 Lost Rose a label by Wild Bird Records
Misc.: ADD, SIAE, Stereo
Produced: 1992
Date: 720313
Cover: A horizon. The sky goes from blue at the top to orange at the horizon. The ground is brown/tan with two red pyramids in the foreground. There is cityscape along the horizon at the sides. From the midpoint of the horizon, extending upward to the top edge of the cover, is a triangle of shades of blue. In this triangle is written PINK FLOYD in black. Along the horizon, in red, is HORIZONS. The back cover is just a zoom in of the two red pyramids from the front cover, with the track list, etc, written in blue.
Sources: 13 Mar 1972, Nagazhima Sports Center, Sapporo, Hokkaido Island, Japan - Most likely Disc says Dec. 3, 1972. Recorded live in Sapporo, Japan
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      1. Speak To Me                      2:04  
      2. Breathe                          5:13  (4:13*)
      3. On The Run                       3:30  (4:01*)
      4. Time                             9:06  (7:33*)
      5. The Great Gig In The Sky         3:25  (4:45*)
      6. Money                            6:25  (7:25*)
      7. Us And Them                      3:00  (2:56*)
      8. Any Colour You Like              3:05  (4:37*)
      9. Brain Damage                     4:03  (4:41*)
      10. Eclipse                         7:12  (4:53*)
      11. One Of These Days              10:27
      12. Careful With That Axe, Eugene  12:35
          Total Time                     70:11*

      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

Xref: Cold Front, Think Pink, Live in Hokkaido, Live Vol 1 PF, Speak to Me
  • VG+
Comments: Tape hiss quite evident at times. Otherwise, this is a really good recording of the complete early version of Dark Side, along with "One Of These Days" and "Careful..." to fill the disc up. The DSoTM tracks are pretty screwed up. The Breathe track includes the beginning of On the Run. The Us and Them track only has the first verse, while the rest of the song is in the track Any Colour You Like. The actual song Any Colour You Like is in the track Brain Damage, and the songs Brain Damage and Eclipse are in the track Eclipse. At least DSoTM is split into tracks at all, though. -RYAN

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