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Format: CD
Catalog: BM 054
Misc.: Radio Broadcast
Produced:<no info>
Date: 840712
Cover: Photo from a PF concert while the playing of Signs Of Life
Sources: 12 Jul 1984, Allentown Stadium Arena, Allentown Pennsylvania, USA Bethlehem, Stabler Arena, Pennsylvania, USA -PATRICK
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      1.  Until We Sleep                   6:23
      2.  All Lovers Are Derranged         5:29
      3.  Money                           12:44
      4.  Love On The Air                  6:13
      5.  Short And Sweet                  7:50
      6.  You Know I'm Right               8:00
      7.  Run Like Hell                    7:16
      8.  Blue Light                      10:20
      9.  Introduction                     2:30
      10. Comfortably Numb                10:05

      David Gilmour -guitars, vocals

      Mick Ralphs - gutar, vocals*
      Chris Slade - drums*
      Raphael Ravenscroft - saxophone*
      Mickey Feat - bass, vocals*
      Gregg Dechart - keyboards*
      Sue Addams - percussion, vocals*

  • Sup -PATRICK
Comments: To hopefully clear this up for now and ever: Both recordings are from the same concert. I happen to own both of these records and according to Dave's comments (especially during the introduction) they are the same (unless he used exactly the same words on different ocasions). Taking this into account with MISC's comments on venue and date (see below) I think we can draw the conclusion that these two are the same recordings, apart from the fact that "In Floyd we Trust" has two additional songs. - WOLFRAM

Details noted on a small piece of paper and transcribed. No guarantees of correctness! :-) Looks a lot like the _Until We Sleep_ Roio, which was recorded in Pennsylvania also. - DAve.

On the concert locations: They are the same place, virtually. Very very close. In fact, I interviewed at Lehigh university, in Bethlehem, and I mentioned the Gilmour concert for some reason--they said that it happened at some theater on campus, and so was really Bethlehem, not Allentown, thus telling me that the radio announcer (the concert was broadcast live) was mis-informed. -MISC

The sound is excellent, it has to be taken right from the console. -ECHOES

This recording was probably taken from the soundboard. Excellent quality, great performance. -ECM

This is the complete radio broadcast of the concert. The Xref does not feature All Lovers Are Deranged and You Know I'm Right. One of the best versions of Money that I have ever heard. -PATRICK

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