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Format: CD (Picture disc)
Catalog: WORK 5518 Men at Work
Misc.: Limited Edition
Produced: (p) 1991 vox populi
Date: 750628
Cover: Special LP-sized foldout cover (!) Plastic wrap with oval red sticker: PINK FLOYD IVOR WINNE COMPACT DISC SPECIAL PACKAGE (note the typo "WINNE" instead of "WYNNE") Front and back: Black. Small title and Tracklisting. Inner sides: Two shaking hands made of stone and "crumbling". Disc: Close-up of hands.
Sources: 28 Jun 1975, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Disc states London as the source.
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       1. Raving And Drooling                  10:04
       2. You've Got To Be Crazy               12:02
       3. Have A Cigar                          4:28
       4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (6-9)      9:42
       5. Speak To Me                           5:31
       6. Breathe                               4:48
       7. On The Run                            6:06
       8. Time                                  1:03
       9. The Great Gig In The Sky              4:17
      10. Money                                 3:16
      11. Any Color You Like                    8:53
      12. Brain Damage                          3:40
      13. Eclipse                               1:43
          Total:                               75:36

      Roger Waters
      David Gilmour
      Rick Wright
      Nick Mason

  • VG+ (sound quality differs) -HERWIG
Comments: You have to pay much money for this limited edition CD with unusual packing. Looks noble, but the sound quality does not justify this luxury. Concert is incomplete. -HERWIG

I love this one although the sound is not very good (but still listenable). All tracks are great. It features the best version I know of Raving And Drooling, Breathe, Any Colour You Like, and the best guitar solo of Time that I've ever heard. Too bad that there are many drop out. -PATRICK

For the price, I really didn't like the way this CD was structured. We get Raving and Drooling and You Gotta Be Crazy (which are among the best, if not *the* best ones I've heard), but then we miss the first half of Shine On. We do get Have a Cigar, as well as the second half of Shine On. Then they give us Dark Side missing Us and Them. Why not give us one or the other?

If this had been a complete concert on a double CD it might be the best '75 set out there. But as it is, it's merely above average. -ANON

i was just checking out your info on this particular gig...

i live in hamilton, where the concert took place, and thought i might add a few things to your info pile...

first off, this is the only classic gig to come to hamilton, ever... ivor wynne stadium is an open-air football field which stands in the middle of hamilton's most depressed residential area... 28 june 1975... whoever couldn't get into the stadium could hear it for miles around from rooftops, backyards, and open kitchen windows... that entire part of town was stoned immaculate... needless to say, the authorities had a bit of a problem following the show... that was the last time anyone ever played music on that field, and it should stay that way...

i'm sure the abundant floyd fans saw to it that the band was properly "in tune" for the entire event... and it shows...

as a collector of live concert recordings, i must say that this particular show stands out the way the MSG shows stand out for led zeppelin fans.... local recordings of the floyd ivor wynne gig feature the complete concert, including raving & drooling, you've gotta be crazy, shine on 1-5, have a cigar, shine on 6-9, all of dark side, and, as an encore, echoes... i've noticed that none of the recordings of this gig in your archive feature echoes... and there's even a sax solo in it...

the quality is very good to excellent considering it is an audience recording, especially since the audience is silent (zoned) throughout the performance of the songs... - ANON

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