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Format: CD
Catalog: OB 005 Observation
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Date: 871001
Cover: A yellow-patterned border surrounds a recent publicity shot of Nick, Dave, and Rick standing before a blue background. At the bottom is written "A JOURNEY INTO BLUES WITH THE PINK FLOYD". This is a single-page insert and the back is just a copy of the CD back cover. The back cover is black. On the left is a photo of Dave and Nick sitting in a plane's cockpit. On the right is a red diagram (top and front views) of the "FLOYD PLANE". Under these pictures are the CD title from the front cover, "LIVE AT THE WORLD, NEW YORK, 11/10/1987", the song titles, and the following paragraph: "On stage at 3.20 AM the Pink Floyd played these old blues cover versions with the following line-up: DAVID GILMOUR guitar, NICK MASON drums, SCOTT PAGE saxophone, GUY PRATT bass, TIM RENWICK guitar, RACHEL FURY & MARGRET TAYLOR vocals". At the bottom is written "It's another Funny Farm special live show" and "1991 Observation Records".
Sources: 01 Oct 1987, The World Club, New York. Disc says Nov. 10, 1987
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       1. Warm Up Blues                        09:34
       2. Respect                              05:01
       3. Born Under a Bad Sign                07:23
       4. Living in the City                   04:48
       5. I Heard it Through the Grapevine     07:57
       6. Kansas City                          05:15
          Total:                               40:01

      David Gilmour
      Nick Mason
      Scott Page
      Guy Pratt
      Tim Renwick
      Rachel Fury
      Margaret Taylor

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  • G- GOLGO
Comments: This is a AUDIENCE RECORDING. It suffers from all the usual audience recording maladies - lots of crowd noise, really bad distortion, muffled vocals, you name it. If it didn't say Pink Floyd on the cover, you'd never know that was Dave and Nick playing up there (I'm still not totally convinced myself). Rachel and Margret handle all the vocals, so that's no clue that Dave is up there either. However, the playing is spirited and the band is having fun with the oldies. For real fanatics only. Also, there may be some confusion about the actual date of this performance. I have listed it as Nov. 10, 1987 from the comment on the back cover, but it could be the European date listing and actually be Oct. 11, 1987. Any clarification would be appreciated. -GOLGO

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