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Format: CD
Catalog: OCTO 055, Octopus/Why Not?
Misc.: Soundboard; gold disc
Produced: Italy, 1994
Date: 940506
Cover: All clear-plastic jewel case. Tray liner: Outer has color photo of flash pots at stage front with tracklist, source and label info. overlain; inner has color photo of stage showing 'Young Syd' on Mr. Screen. Booklet: Front has full view color shot of stage with artist and CD names overlain; rear has color photo of stage showing 'Old Syd' on screen with band credits at right; inside pages comprise montages of color stage shots with stills from the High Hopes video and the 'talking heads' tour logo; centerspread has a nice narrative talking the reader thru the contents.
Sources: 06 May 1994, Tampa, Florida ("2:00 p.m.")
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       1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond I-V               12:36
       2. High Hopes                                   10:14
       3. Breathe                                       2:14
       4. Time/Breathe Reprise (very sudden ending!)    6:12
       5. The Great Gig In the Sky                      5:31
       6. Lost For Words                                8:09
       7. Wish You Were Here                            5:01
       8. Money (another sudden ending)                 4:27
       9. Us and Them                                   8:11
          Total:                                       62:39

      David Gilmour  Guitars, vocals
      Nick Mason     Drums
      Rick Wright    Keyboards, vocals

      Guy Pratt    Bass/vocals        Durga McBroom     Backing vocals
      Jon Carin    Keyboards/vocals   Sam Brown         Backing vocals
      Tim Renwick  Guitars            Claudia Fontaine  Backing vocals
      Gary Wallis  Percussion         Dick Parry        Saxophones

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  • EX -ANON
  • Ex -HAMISH
Comments: Soundboard, maybe a slight background noise like if it was made from a tape copied from the original, if you see what I mean. -ANON

The soundboard nature of the source sounds doubtful in places, but the recording quality appears to improve somewhat starting with 'Lost For Words,' which restored my faith. The source is not without its flaws (unstable separation, dropouts, etc.), but these are relatively minor; overall this is a great recording of an unusually lengthy rehearsal/soundcheck, with Dave taking occasional considerable liberties with lyrics. Hunt it out! - THE HEDONIST

It is the soundcheck from Tampa. It is a 'board recording and they rehearsed Lost for Words but didn't do it at the concert. They did similar things at other sites. They even played Stones songs at some rehearsals. -ANON

This is a very good recording although I doubt it was recorded directly from the soundboard. The original recording has some small dropouts etc and sound is worsened slightly by the generations the source tape for the CD went through. However it is still excellent with no crowd noise. Dave invents some new lyrics ("Up and sideways.....", "Shine on you crazy bastard").

Note: The CD is a bad edit of the original source tape. Time ends abruptly in Breathe (Reprise), Money also cuts out early. Neither of these flaws are in the circulating tape. Us and Them and Money are reversed from their true order. A lot of dialogue and improvisation/messing around are cut from the CD. Worst of all, it is missing _Comfortably Numb_, the last song performed at the soundcheck. There is a brief drop out in the first verse of Wish You Were Here (that is present when the source tape got to 45 minutes and ran out). A total of maybe 15 minutes is missing from the CD.

The CD is made from gold but that did not stop flaws from developing in my copy - seethrough holes opened up in the gold layer. - HAMISH

I have the ROIO Just Warmin' Up CD taken from the soundcheck at Tampa Stadium. First of all the date is wrong.The Tampa concert was on May 6th, not May 5th. It is a decent recording of the soundcheck, but it pales in comparison to the actual concert recording. I have the analog master of the Tampa concert,and the rehearsal CD, and it is one of the better recordings of the 94 tour. -ANONYMOUS

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